“My name doesn't matter. Whatever you call me, I am Spyro's doom!”
    —The Advisor

The Advisor is an Ape who is Gaul's trusted aide. He is dressed like a ninja, and is found only in the Gameboy Advanced version of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night.

The Advisor was sent to take care of Spyro before he could reach Gaul in the Well of Souls. Spyro first fought him in Fellmuth Arena after having defeated all of the actual challenges set there for him. The Advisor is then met again in the Celestial Temple and one final time right before Spyro faces Gaul in a final battle.


  • The Advisor is most likely the GBA version of the Assassin, an Ape who is also Gaul's right hand Ape and appeared in the console version of The Eternal Night.