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“A Rhynoc?! Oh! Let me at him! You wanna piece of me, Rhynoc boy?! Eat Laser, punk! Come on, now! No fair hiding!”
    —Agent 9

Agent 9 (エージェント9 Ējento9 in Japanese) is a space monkey native to Agent 9's Lab. He started out life as a lab monkey for the Professor, but then was given a laser blaster and taught how to fight. He first appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, and was playable in two subsequent games.

Character Development

Agent 9 was created by Oliver Wade. He was originally designed to be a pig with a laser gun. However, it was Insomniac's Ted Price that urged him to make him a Monkey. Oliver also mentioned that this was the only time he was not able to design whatever he wanted.


In his original form, Agent 9 has a light green outfit with black boots, a purple helmet with red fin, red gloves and shoulder guards, no sleeves, and his fur is a light brown; plus his laser blaster is futuristic.

In his reignited form, his outfit now has sleeves and a "No Rhynoc" picture. He keeps the red gloves, but his helmet is now grey and he has monkey fangs when he talks. Also, his blaster is red and grey with a yellow light in it.


Agent 9 is incredibly trigger-happy, and even gave his laser blaster a name ("Mr. Laser Blaster"). He speaks in the third person point-of-view, most likely because he either wants to be modest about his achievements, or to act as someone who sees him as a hero or idol. He has an incredible disdain for Rhynocs, leading to his intense liking for killing them. Agent 9 always carries his laser blaster. He also loves to make his enemies dance by force using his blasters, as shown when he tried to show Spyro a "dancing bear!" The Year of the Dragon manual gave this as Agent 9's introduction:

"Don't monkey around with Agent 9 because he is one! Agent 9 is one of the Professor's lab monkeys. But after special treatment and training he is no ordinary chimp. Agent 9 is a highly intelligent special operative whose specialties are laser blasters and precision delivery of explosives."

Abilities and Upgrades

Agent 9 is incredibly smart and has incredible marksmanship. He is also able to fend off many Rhynocs without being overwhelmed. He also single-handedly cleared out a Rhynoc infested area of the Fireworks Factory, defended his homeworld from attack, and survived the five trials of the Haunted Tomb.

Agent 9 is also able to throw bombs from a bomb dispensing machine. In the Fireworks Factory, Agent 9's laser blaster is upgradeable to a machine gun with 500 rounds.



Agent 9 was a lab monkey among eight others of the Professor. From the Year of the Dragon introduction that was given, we can infer that the Professor liked Agent 9 the best, and gave him special training as well as a high powered laser blaster. This may very well be the reason that Agent 9 is obsessed with killing Rhynocs.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Agent 9 YotD

Agent 9 in Year of the Dragon.

Agent 9 was kidnapped by the Sorceress as her Rhynoc army took over his world. He was entrusted to Moneybags, who sold his freedom to Spyro for 1,300 gems. After Agent 9 was freed, he showed Spyro 'how to make a bear dance', and blasted the feet of Moneybags, sending him running for his life.

After being freed, Agent 9 returned to his homeworld and rid his lab of Rhynocs. This process was arduous, as the Rhynocs had taken control of almost everything, and clogged the Professor's machines with birds. Agent 9 was able to destroy the control panels leading to the Rhynoc hideouts inside the lab, presumably killing the remaining Rhynocs inside of dehydration and starvation.

After freeing the lab, Agent 9 responded to Handel's distress call from the Fireworks Factory. Greta had stolen the Sorceress' plans to her rocket so that the Professor could build one for Spyro to travel to Midnight Mountain. However, Handel had found a Dragon Egg deep underground in the Fireworks Factory, and sent Agent 9 on a Doom-esque mission to save it. Unfortunately, when Agent 9 saved the egg, Handel was captured and tied to a bomb by a Rhynoc. Agent 9 fought his way back through the underground labyrinth through hordes of Ninja Rhynocs to save Handel from certain death. Despite the fact that the bomb blew up just as Agent 9 returned to the scene, Handel somehow survived the blast. Agent 9 was rewarded with another Dragon Egg the Rhynoc had left behind.

Afterwards, Agent 9 went to the Haunted Tomb, where he was cursed by the native Egyptian Dogs to have his tail turn into a snake. He was able to brave the five trials of King Rover in an attempt to redeem himself. After besting the five trials, Agent 9 went to the Dino Mines, where he was promised deputyship if he could eliminate the Bailey Gang. Agent 9 was successful, and became a deputy of the Dino Mines Sheriffs.

After the Sorceress's defeat, Spyro visited the Professor and Elora at Agent 9's Lab. Spyro inquired to know where Hunter was, but the Professor would not tell Spyro. Agent 9, however, almost told Spyro that Hunter was with Bianca, but the Professor was able to distract Agent 9 by claiming there was a Rhynoc in the bushes. In the epilogue, it was revealed that the curse Agent 9 received in Haunted Tomb came true, as his tail was turned into a snake.

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

Although Agent 9 doesn't appear on Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, a giant balloon shaped like him can be seen just before Ripto and his monsters meddled into a party in the first cutscene.

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  • Unlike with the other 3 alternative playable characters, freeing Agent 9 is not necessary to proceed in the game. You can collect 100 eggs without freeing him (indeed, without doing anything in Midnight Mountain) and fight the Sorceress. Agent 9 will be present in the fight to help you as usual. After defeating the Sorceress in the original PS1 versions, Agent 9 will be waiting in Midnight Mountain on the bridge on the way to his home world. He will then thank you for freeing him and ask you to visit him in his home world. This appears to have been a hasty addition to the game, since Agent 9 has no voice to go with this dialogue. However, if this skip is done in Reignited, Agent 9 strangely remains captured even after the fight and must be freed by paying Moneybags as usual.
  • When playing as Agent 9 in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs, the gameplay is very similar to Rolling Thunder, a video game created by the Japanese video game company Namco.
  • Agent 9 is one of only two characters to have two hidden area realms within the same homeworld (the other being Sheila).
  • He was going to have his own video game called Agent 9 / Prime 8; however, it was cancelled.[1]
  • He is the first playable primate in the Spyro series.


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