Agent 9's Lab is an island realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Midnight Mountain homeworld after either paying Moneybags 1,300 gems or by defeating the Sorceress.

As the name implies, it is the home realm of the fourth and final playable side character of the game, Agent 9. Completion of this realm will unlock his sub-levels in Fireworks Factory, Haunted Tomb, and Dino Mines.


While Agent 9 was locked up by the Sorceress, Rhynocs invaded the Professor's island laboratory and began causing havoc. After Agent 9 comes back from captivity, the Professor asks him to clear them out before they cause even more trouble.

After the Sorceress is defeated for the first time, the Professor and Elora both end up here after an attempt to visit the Dragon Realms back in Avalar, due to a cheap book of teleportation being "out of date by a thousand years". Spyro then comments about Hunter being missing again, and Agent 9 chimes in by almost revealing who he snuck out with, only to be interrupted by the Professor claiming that there was a Rhynoc behind some bushes. After this, the Professor almost blows Hunter's cover as well by stating that "he's in good hands", only to be kicked by Elora to instead say something more secretive. The two then leave while Spyro continues to search for Hunter.



  • Blast and Bomb the Rhynocs (Rowan): Clear the lab of all Rhynocs.
  • Snipe the Boats (Tony): To the left of the bomb dispenser is an area blocked off with a force field, with a switch on the other side. Aim a bomb over the force field so that it breaks the switch and turns the force field off. Go to the far shoreline, enter "Sniper Mode", and shoot all six Rhynocs on speedboats. After the last Rhynoc is shot, he will lose control of his boat, and drop off the egg next to you.
  • This Place Has Gone to the Birds (Beulah): Shoot six birds in the engine room while using "Sniper Mode".

Skill Point

  • Blow Up All Palm Trees: Using the bombs, blow up all the palm trees around the island to get a skill point.

Achievements & Trophies (Reignited Trilogy)

  • Someone Set Us Up the Bomb: As Agent 9, shoot down all the balloons.[1]
    • PS4: Bronze Trophy
    • XBOX One: 20G





Agent 9's Lab - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Agent 9's Lab

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Agent 9's Lab




  • After completing an area, the Professor can be seen using an unknown teleportation device that he uses to warp to new areas of the level.
  • Even though the island is surrounded by what seems to be normal water, Agent 9 will drown in it upon touching.
    • In the original game, the model for this "water" is included as part of the standard level geometry rather than in a separate water plane model, and should hacking or glitches be used to allow Spyro to touch it, the game will instantly crash.

Original Game

  • In the original NTSC release version of the game, when you complete the boat challenge and receive Tony, it'll sometimes say "You already have this egg", even if you did it for the first time. This still counts as collecting the egg, however. This was fixed in the Greatest Hits and PAL versions of the game.
  • Agent 9's Lab is included on the second of the six different demo versions of the game, along with Icy Peak and Lost Fleet's submarine sub-level. The demo contains a multitude of differences from the final version - most notably, this realm used Sheila's theme music, the gem placement was different, the palm trees cannot be blown up and do not shake when shot at, among a few other differences. Two of the baby dragons had different names:
    • Beulah was named Fayza.
    • Tony was named Tymoteusz.