Air Rolling

The result of performing the glitch.

Air Rolling is a glitch in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. It allows Spyro or Cynder's momentum from a strong attack midair to be carried horizontally instead of vertically, resulting in propelling the player forward at a high speed. This glitch is performable on all console versions of the game, but the Wii is significantly harder, due to motion controls being used for strong attacks and rolling.

Performing the Glitch

To perform the glitch the player must be in a flying state. While flying, press the strong attack button (Y on Xbox, Triangle on PS3/PS2) and Spyro/Cynder will spin forward a few times. Immediately after, begin to continuously roll forward. The result is the momentum from the strong attack propelling you forward. Continue roll forward even after you get launched, or you will lose momentum after the first roll.