Akello is a cheetah in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. He is the King and leader of the Cheetahs in the Savannah and the father of Hunter.


After the Calamity struck and sent the entire Savannah into the Shadow Realm, Akello had fallen ill and was losing his eyesight due to the dark effects of the realm. Kasi took the opportunity to be in charge of the cheetahs, and his first action as leader was to throw Spyro in jail for supposedly bringing the Shadow Realm to the Savannah, and threw Hunter in jail as well for siding with the purple dragon. Fortunately, Spyro managed to escape his cell and did some tasks for the other cheetahs to get a cure for Akello. Once Spyro had cured Akello and given him the letter of Hunter's plight, Akello became enraged and sent Kasi to jail, and released Hunter.


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