“Oh, it's you! I wasn't sure if you'd escape those annoying little creatures. Of course they wouldn't bother me, but here's a hint: their metal armor is fireproof, but a charge attack will take care of them.”

Alban (バンジェル=グリマーチョ or Banjeru in Japanese) is a dragon from Artisans who is imprisoned in Dark Hollow. When Spyro rescues him, Alban gives him advice on how to deal with enemies wielding metal armor.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Alban appears to be a scribe. He balances himself on his tail, balances an ink bottle on his stomach and wears a monocle as well as a green scarf. His wings and hair are now feathered, including a mustache and sideburns. Once released from his crystal prison, he will take out a feather from his hair and use it as a quill pen and is holding a piece of parchment.



  • In the demo version of the original game, Alban is just text and his dialgoue is slightly different: "Those little creatures are wearing fireproof armor. Try a charge attack instead of your flame."