“Will you escort me past those Earthshapers?”

The Alchemist is a Satyr who is encountered in Fracture Hills, a realm in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He concocted a potion to cure Hunter's feet, which had been encased in a stone-like substance due to the Alchemist's failed experiment to turn the cheetah's boots to gold. As such, Spyro has to guide the Alchemist safely past the Earthshapers, and to where Hunter is.

Like the Professor, the Alchemist wears thick, coke bottle style glasses and appears to be quite nearsighted. This is further evidenced by the unorthodox, roundabout route he chooses for his path to Hunter, who happened to be in a cave only a few yards down from the one he is found in.

After completing the sidequest, if the Alchemist is talked to, he reveals he actually intended to turn Hunter's petrified boots to gold as originally planned.



  • If the Alchemist wasn't nearsighted, he would have taken a much easier path where you would only need to push one of the Earthshapers out of the way.
  • Although he gives the player the orb challenge, he doesn't give out any orbs.
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