Alligators (also called Gators) are the most basic enemies in Spooky Swamp, a realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. They charge towards Spyro, trying to chomp him. Spyro can defeat them by either charging into them or flaming them. If they see a lobster, they will charge towards it and chomp on it, releasing a butterfly. When observed from a distance, Gardener Rhynocs can be seen trying to shoot projectiles at them; the gators make a grunting noise when hit. If two gators are next to each other, they will pursue and try to bite each other.

Alligators are also summoned by Sleepyhead, the enemy boss of the same world.


  • The grunting noise made by the Alligators is the same sound as the Cupids from Spyro the Dragon.
  • During the mini-boss fight against Sleepyhead in the original game, if Spyro charges or flames the Alligators as soon as they are beginning to appear by Sleepyhead's magic summoning attack, a comical glitch will cause the Alligators to appear smaller in size while dying. A similar glitch also happens with the parrots found in Sgt. James Byrd's side quest segment from the Molten Crater world.
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