And Along Came Ripto is a book in Spyro: Shadow Legacy about Ripto and his despise against his size, and how he almost conquered Avalar along with his henchmen Crush and Gulp. Spyro was reading it in his hotel room at the Dragon's Arms Inn in Dragon Shores.


After saving the Dragon families from Gnasty Gnorc's sinister spell, Spyro thought he earned a little vacation. But there's no rest for the heroes, no matter how small they are. Shattering Spyro's and his friend Sparx's dreams of rest and relaxation was Ripto, another little guy like our hero. But contrary to Spyro, this dinosaur-riding trouble-maker despised his small stature, and he took it out on the world to prove that his wrath was much bigger and scarier than his modest size suggested. Frustrated, short tempered and spiteful, Ripto pulled off deception and trouble befitting a much larger creature. Poor Spyro! He only wanted a vacation. Instead, he received a pain in the flames. It all came out well in the end, as Spyro defeated him and his henchmen in a tumultuous battle!