“Well, Ignitus, we nabbed your Guardian buddies, but you managed to escape our clutches... until now!”
    —Swamp Ape Commander

Ape Commanders are a type of Ape that are higher in rank than the Ape soldiers and leaders, as well as their size. These Apes are armed with a magical scepter, which can not only be used as a weapon itself, it can also create magical shockwaves as well as creating barriers which will only disappear once that a certain amount of enemies have been eliminated.

Like the Ape Leaders, they also tend to use dynamite when their enemies are at a fair distance.

In The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, at the Mountain of Malefor, the Commanders are much tougher to defeat, although they no longer throw dynamite. As soon as Spyro encounters them, they will immediately turn invisible (though they can still be seen only slightly but completely seen through Spyro's Dragon Time ability) and remain invisible in battle until he defeats them. The Commander's shockwaves are much more potent this time, as one pound to the ground with his scepter creates three incoming shockwaves that reach greater distances. If accompanied by Ape Soldiers, the Commander will also use his scepter to magically empower them, raising their defenses, speed, and making them tougher to beat. Only by defeating the Commander will the Soldiers return to normal.


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