“Take care of him! I gotta report to Cynder!”
    —Swamp Ape Leader

Ape Leaders are enemies in The Legend of Spyro series who are higher in rank compared to their smaller soldier brethren, but are lower than the Ape Commanders. Besides being more durable and powerful than their underlings, Ape Leaders are equipped with a one-handed weapon and a shield to block attacks with. Additionally, they will kick forward barricades made from their surroundings to stand behind while throwing sticks of dynamite at faraway enemies, which harms them and their allies as well. Like their comrades, the Ape Leaders appear in different outfits to match the surroundings their stationed in.

In The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, the Leaders now throw bombs instead of dynamite. At the Dragon Temple during the attack, the bombs the Leaders throw create an icy explosion which, if Spyro is in range, freezes him for a short amount of time, allowing surrounding enemies to harrass him. Spyro, however, can attempt to move around to quickly break free from the ice before they can get that opportunity.

At the Mountain of Malefor, the Leaders acquire a new ability: they teleport from place to place in battle to try to confuse Spyro or evade his attacks. Spyro must finish them quickly when he gets the opportunity to attack before they get the chance to teleport again.


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