“I am Arbo, son of Barbo, child of Larbo, spawn of...”

Arbo is a tree-like creature who helps the Skylanders to Treetop Terrace and Falling Forest in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Even though he was only a couple of seconds old, when you first meet him, Arbo has memories that helped the Skylanders recover the Eternal Life Source.


Arbo seems to enjoy the sunlight a lot, and while he's very knowledgeable about certain things, he seems lacking on basic concepts like humor and social behaviour.


Arbo has the ability to grow plants, as seen when he grows a large beanstalk in the Ruins that leads to Treetop Terrace and Falling Forest.


Arbo emerged from the soil in the Ruins after the Eternal Earth Source was restored to the Core of Light. He soon helped the Skylanders in their quest to retrieve the Life Seeds and the Eternal Life Source.



  • Arbo is named after the Latin term arbore, which tranlastes to “of trees."[1]
  • Arbo's voice was impersonating Ed Wynn, known for his voice as the Mad Hatter in Disney's Alice in Wonderland in 1951 and Multo from The Zula Patrol.
  • Arbo, if closely examined, has some similarities to the living Idols in the "Idol Springs" level of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
  • If you look closely at the ground of the Ruins before you retrieve the Eternal Earth Source, you can see the top of Arbo's head.
  • Arbo's "hole" that he came out of is replaced by a rock that can be hit and will "spit" out money.


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