Armored Barrels are a kind of barrel similar to the TNT Barrels, in that it has explosives inside. They are capable of defeating enemies when they hit, however TNT Wranglers will take two hits, as the first one will only knock off their clothes, and bosses will naturally need more hits.

Armored Barrels can't be flamed and thus must be charged at.

They can be found in Gnorc Cove in Spyro the Dragon and in Avalar in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, where they are brought into Gulp's Overlook by birds to help Spyro in his battle. However, if Gulp eats them, he will spit out green plasma balls to hurt Spyro.

Gulp's original weapons are made from an almost identical material. They are two amored barrels with a shark-fin at the bottom and a particle-beam at the other end enabling him to use the explosives inside as plasma balls. Both are strapped together by a metal piece on his back. They can be moved up and down.


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