The Artisans Homeworld (グリーンガーデン ホーム Green Garden Home in Japanese) is the first homeworld encountered in Spyro the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The Artisans dragons are tranquil and take a calmer approach to most problems. The world consists of a pleasant countryside and ornate castles.

Being that there are no enemies that try to attack Spyro, Artisans is the easiest homeworld in the game. This word has the fewest gems in the game at one hundred (100), but it compensates with its large amount of dragons at four (4).


The Artisans Homeworld is Spyro's lush, green homeworld. The residents pride themselves in their homes, which is a vast meadow of healthy green grass, several tall trees, and gentle waterfalls feeding into many different ponds in the area. Statues and intricate portals dot the landscape, as well as some marble hallways running through the tall hills. Homes here are made up of small castles, large stone buildings, and the occasional high towers. Flower gardens can be found among the gem-encrusted stone walls, as well as within a few private meadows. Up above, the sky is always blue, with a small bit of pink on the horizon.


Each homeworld has specially designed portals. The portals in the Artisan home are simple arches crafted out of stone, like the arch of a bridge. It is suggested that the dragons of the world created them.


For a special race held by CTR, a news channel in Crash Bandicoot's realm, Artisans was briefly rebuilt beautifully with a race track across the landscape decorated with stone dragon-statues and special portals with a direct link to Magic Crafters, as well as the Dark Hollow realm of Artisans. The main castle was also opened for the event. This particular race track is called the Spyro Circuit.


An Artisan dragon.

The Artisan dragons are extremely peaceful and tranquil, taking a calmer approach to their problems (up until Gnasty Gnorc arrived). They provide other dragons with artifacts of culture and beauty in the forms of songs, sculptures, and poetry. The dragons of the Artisans realm are social, smart, and very civilized, and their home is still the most peaceful, even after Gnasty's invasion. They love nothing more than to frolic with the other dragons and create beautiful masterpieces.[1]

The leader of the Artisans, Nestor, is the first and nearest dragon to Spyro, and he explains the main objective of the homeworld in order to proceed to the next.

Spyro himself is part of the Artisan dragon species.



NOTE: To open the door to Sunny Flight, you will need to jump on each of the stones in front of the waterfall.



Skill Point (Reignited Trilogy)

  • Reach Tricky Platform: In between the paths to Toasty and Marco the Balloonist is a high platform that Spyro can't jump on. It contains a few gems and a chest. To reach it, get to the highest point of the hill in front of it, and then jump and glide as you are moving forward. Land successfully and you'll get a skill point.



Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 1 - Artisans Homeworld

By ZephyGameGuides




Original Game

  • Spyro himself is part of the Artisan dragon species, as Artisans is his homeworld and place of birth. In the credits of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Spyro is seen participating in activities and professions of his Artisan foster fathers searching for his 'artistic voice'.[2]
    • The official backstory for Spyro in the Japanese version of the game explains that both Spyro and Sparx's eggs were recovered from egg thieves, though the dragons expressed confusion surrounding the origin of the eggs.
  • An early image of Artisans showing the castle gate

    There are some major differences in the two earliest demo versions when compared to the final game. Firstly, the background music is different, playing the title theme instead. All of the Artisans dragons use different cutscenes and have some slightly different dialogue and voice acting. Argus' cutscene is in the code and can be reactivated by hacking, but it cannot be seen as his dragon pad has been removed from the demo versions, presumably to avoid confusing the player, as Toasty is inaccessible. Town Square and Sunny Flight are also inaccessible, and the balloonist says that he can't take you to the other worlds until the full game is released (the exact wording changes between the two demos). Some of the enemies also make a different sound when hit.
    • In the three later demos - which were all built after the game was finished - the portal normally linked to Stone Hill instead takes the player to Town Square. Only Town Square and Sunny Flight are accessible, but the sound emitted by portals can still be heard when the player is close to where they normally are.
      • In all demo versions, the player can use collision glitches to get Spyro inside the dragon head containing Toasty's portal. In the earlier demos, the portal is blocked off and inaccessible, while in the later ones it can be entered. Entering the portal causes the game to softlock, as Spyro never reaches the level.
  • Unlike most first homeworlds in games, Spyro can die in this homeworld by drowning.
  • After reaching the Gnasty's Loot exit vortex and the 120% completion, Spyro will magically transport back in the Artisan Homeworld after the post-credit staff roll.
  • A door leading into the main Artisans castle was in an early version of the game but was removed entirely in later builds. This door was later added in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.[3]

Reignited Trilogy

  • The mysterious door - which first appeared in early versions of the original game - was added to the main castle in the central area in Reignited. The door can be charged into, but it won't budge. In the cover art of the Reignited Trilogy, the door is seen open with light coming from within the castle.
  • Unusually for a first homeworld in a game, Spyro can die in this homeworld by drowning, for example in the pool near the entrance to Sunny Flight.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

  • In the Artisans part of Spyro Circuit, the door to the main castle opens at the beginning of the race to reveal a library similar to Dark Hollow's in the Reignited Trilogy.


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