“The Atlawa were a people in tune with the rhythms of the seasons, focused on their relationship with crops, their surroundings, their gods.”

Atlawas are the llama-like natives that reside in Tall Plains who only appeared in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. They were a proud people who lived in tune with the rhythm of the seasons. Each day, the Atlawa thrive to improve their relationship with their land, crops, and their gods. Their leader is Kane.


The Atlawas were driven underground when Cynder and her minions arrived and took over Tall Plains. They were later freed after Spyro was forced to fight the Stone Sentinel, a creature worshiped by the native Atlawas as a god who was angered at having its resting place disturbed by Cynder's actions. In response, the Atlawas wanted to worship Spyro for saving them, but the young dragon rejected the offer, and the inhabitants accepted Spyro as one of them. 


  • One of the captured Atlawas, called Luggs by the development team, was notably the Atlawa that was carried off by one of Cynder's Tall Plains Dreadwings.[1]
  • The Atlawas were largely inspired by Aztecs.[2]


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