This article is about the character from the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the character from the Classic series.
“I have nothing to provide, but check back with me later.”

Auric, also known as Auric the Banker, is a character in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Until the end of the game, if the Skylanders talks to Auric whilst in the Ruins, he will simply tell you to come back later. Once the player has completed story mode, Auric will give the Skylanders a large amount of treasure.

Auric also played a minor role in identifying the "black pearl" the Clam-tron 4000 created as a bomb. He appeared at the party being held at the end of the game.

To see more of Auric's involvement in the Skylanders series, go to his page on the Skylanders Wikia.


  • Auric greatly resembles the character Moneybags from the original Spyro games.
  • Auric is the chemical name given to an ion of Gold (Au3+), a reference to the fact that gold is most often used as a currency in most role playing games.[1]


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