“Thank you for releasing me.”

Azizi (アジ=ドリノマール Azi in Japanese) is a dragon from Dream Weavers imprisoned in the realm of Dark Passage. He first appeared in Spyro the Dragon.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Azizi is portrayed as a blind dragon, holding a walking stick. Hs wing membranes are now patterned in star constellations, wears black glasses also marked with star constellations and a purple cape on his back. Azizi also has a crescent moon-shaped spade at the end of his tail.



  • In the late demo, Azizi doesn't exist at all inside his crystal-prison.
  • His name, "Azizi" means "my dear" in the Arabic language.
  • Azizi's Reignited design was created by Nicholas Kole.


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