The Balloonists are inhabitants of the Dragon Realms who help Spyro get to the other parts of the Dragon Kingdom. They only appeared in Spyro the Dragon. The Balloonists take control of their own hot air balloon and will let Spyro travel to any Homeworld he has been to before using this Balloon, or to a new Homeworld after performing some sort of task in either rescuing the dragons, the Gems or the stolen Dragon Eggs. There is one balloonist in every Homeworld in the game.



“Wow! I see you have been busy rescuing dragons, Spyro. You may travel to the Peace Keepers world if you like.”
    —Marco the Balloonist

Located in the Artisans homeworld, Marco will only grant Spyro access to the balloon once he has freed ten dragons. He sports a tan shirt, tan pants, a red scarf, and black boots.


“I can't believe how fast you found so much stolen treasure. Hop aboard for the Magic Crafters world if you are ready.”
    —Gosnold the Balloonist

Gosnold is the balloonist of Peace Keepers. Spyro is allowed to ride his balloon once he has obtained 1,200 treasure. Gosnold wears a grey shirt, grey pants, a teal scarf, and brown boots.


Tuco is the balloonist found at Magic Crafters. He requires that Spyro has collected five dragon eggs before he will allow him to proceed. Tuco wears a blue shirt, blue pants, a red scarf, and brown boots.


“I feel much better now that so many dragons have been rescued. Jump in the balloon and I'll show you the Dream Weavers world.”
    —Cray the Balloonist

Cray is the balloonist of Beast Makers. He insists that Spyro must free 50 dragons before he can use the balloon. He wears a yellow shirt, green pants, a red scarf, and brown boots.


“Nice job collecting so much stolen treasure. But beware, Spyro. Gnasty's World is not the most friendly place you will find.”
    —Amos the Balloonist

Amos, the balloonist of Dream Weavers, needs 6,000 treasure before Spyro can use the balloon. He wears a blue shirt, blue pants, a purple scarf, and brown boots.


Based out of Gnasty's World, Hak doesn't need anything to grant use of his balloon since he is located in the last homeworld. His only use is backtracking to previous worlds in order to obtain the 100% mark by collection all treasure, freeing all dragons, and recovering all dragon eggs. Hak wears a grey shirt, grey pants, an aqua blue scarf, and brown boots.


Original Game


The early boatman

  • In an early screenshot of Spyro the Dragon, the Balloonists were originally Boatmen, and Spyro would’ve used boats to travel to a new homeworld. In the Tabloid demo, one dragon also mentions the Boatman: "Welcome to the Peacekeepers world. You can return to the Artisan world by speaking to the Boatman."[1]
  • Although they were said to be Gnorcs, they are actually afraid of them. This, along with their peach skin, hints that they are actually Caucasian humans. No female counterpart has ever been seen however.
  • Marco the Balloonist is the only balloonist to have black shoes.
  • If one is missing the Egg in Stone Hill, Dry Canyon or Cliff Town and have not yet collected 5 Dragon Eggs, speak to Tuco and he will give Spyro the option to travel by balloon to one of these levels. This is the only time that one can travel somewhere other than a homeworld by balloon.
    • The balloon will take Spyro near the respective level's egg thief, meaning that this is the only way Spyro can enter a level and arrive at a different point than the usual start point of the level.
    • Tuco also suggests to look in Wizard Peak, but instead of taking Spyro there, he just tells Spyro that the portal is nearby.
  • The Balloonists also bear a striking resemblance to the Gnorcs in the level Gnorc Cove. This suggest that the Balloonist are in fact Gnorcs, but their origins are still unknown, and it is unknown why they reformed.
  • In the early demos, Marco tells Spyro he will take him to the next world when the full game is out. His exact message differs between versions
  • In the late demo, the balloonists all have different lines and appear a little different:
    • Marco's, Gosnold's, Tuco's, Cray's, Amos' and Hak's shirts are all white-ish blue.
    • Marco's line is Well done Spyro! I didn't think you could do it. You may travel to the Peace Keepers world if you like.
    • Gosnold's line is Nice job Spyro! One day you might become a real dragon. Hop aboard for the Magic Crafters world if you are ready.
    • Tuco's line is Great work Spyro! You must be faster than you look. Hop aboard for the Beast Makers world if you are ready.
    • Cray doesn't even have a line.
    • Amos' line is Well done, Spyro! I hope you know what lies ahead of you. The Machinist world is not the most friendly place you will find.
    • Hak doesn't even have a line.
  • In the original game the Balloonists lines are simply text, and thus they can't be heard speaking.

Reignited Trilogy

  • In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Marco is voiced by Cam Clarke, who notably voices Blobbers.


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