“Ah, a fine day for a bit of a walk. I was just heading to the top of my favourite hill...”
    —Bentley the Yeti

Bamboo Terrace is a Chinese-themed realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Midday Gardens homeworld after collecting 30 Dragon Eggs.


The realm is heavily influenced by Chinese culture and architecture. Pandas, indigenous to China, are also featured. Rhynocs have been harassing them all day, and the farmers can't harvest the bamboo needed for the whirligig. The aim of this realm is to reach Sing Sing, who will unlock the escape bridge for you.



  • Clear the Pandas' Path (Tom): Reach Sing Sing at the end of the realm, and she'll give you an egg and open the emergency escape bridge.
  • Glide to the Small Island (Dwight): After Li and Chi Chi clear a big boulder blocking the path to the second area, there is a floating island off to the left. Glide there to get the egg.
  • Glide to the Hidden Cave (Madison): Near the floating island is a cave with an Umbrella Rhynoc guarding an egg. To get to it, go behind one of the huts to find a series of steps. Go up the steps, but make sure to watch out for another Umbrella Rhynoc who'll fly down all of a sudden. At the top, simply glide to the cave and flame the Umbrella Rhynoc to get the egg.
  • Smash to the Mountain Top (Brubeck): In Bentley's sub-level, he is about to have a leisurely walk to the top of his favorite hill, but Bartholomew tells him that he saw some Rhynocs run off with an egg. Bentley will have to fight his way through the Rhynocs and avoid any boulders and TNT barrels that come his way to reach the top of the hill and take the egg back.
  • Shoot from the Boat (Rusty): In order to access this sub-level, you will need to open the emergency escape bridge first. Panda workers are constantly being harassed by Umbrella Rhynocs, and Shui asks Spyro to help get rid of them before they knock them into the river. In order to complete this challenge and get the egg, use the superflame power-up to take down all the Rhynocs whilst on a boat. If a panda gets hit either by a Rhynoc or Spyro's superflame, the challenge will have to be re-done, so be careful while shooting!
  • Catch the Thief (Pee-wee): After opening the emergency escape bridge, there will be a blue thief with an egg nearby. Chase him throughout the realm and get the egg either by charging into or flaming him.

Achievement & Trophy (Reignited Trilogy)

Bottled Curiosity

  • Follow the question mark bottles to the end.[1]
    • PS4: Bronze Trophy
    • XBOX One: 20G





Original Game


Bamboo Terrace - Spyro: Year of the Dragon Bamboo Terrace (Bentley) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Bamboo Terrace - Part 1

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Bamboo Terrace - Part 1

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Bamboo Terrace - Part 2

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Bamboo Terrace - Part 2




  • This was the first level created during development. It was nicknamed the "Danda" level, after Dan Johnson, an employee at Insomniac who is known for his frequent in-game cameos in Insomniac's games.[2]
  • The pandas are named after various Chinese words. For example, “Li” is a Chinese surname and “Shui” is Mandarin for “water”.
  • There is an underwater cave in the pool next to the three pandas standing on each others' heads. If you smash it open, you will find four extra lives in it.
  • It is one of two realms in the game to contain a Question Mark Jar. The other is Charmed Ridge.

Original Game

  • If you block some of the pandas' paths, they will kindly ask you to step aside. A similar thing happens with Bartholomew in Bentley's Outpost.
  • If you use the "Swim in the Air" glitch, you can enter Bentley's sub-level while it's locked by swimming towards the portal, then swim behind it and enter it.
  • In an early video for the game released by IGN, the sound of a female singer can be heard over the music towards the end of the track. It's not clear if this was a sound effect of some sort or if it was originally part of the music, but regardless, it was removed before the final version of the game.
  • During the game's development, the baby dragon Tom was named Fredrick.

Reignited Trilogy

  • If one goes to where the Question Mark Jar is and looks in the direction opposite to Bentley's portal, they can see the Bentley sub-level behind some rocks in the distance. If one enters the sub-level, the main realm and the portal to the Bentley area can be seen in the distance, near the top of the hill.


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