“We have the bombs here. We must destroy the egg cage. But we just go boom.”

Basho and Buson are firefly brothers who inhabit Spooky Swamp. Like the rest of the fireflies, they only speak in Haiku. But they are easily distinguished from the other fireflies of the level by their lack of pants, smaller tail, different color, and their comically large glasses that appear similar to the ones worn by the Electrolls from Ripto's Rage!. Although, despite these glasses, it is implied they still have terrible eyesight; as is seen during their mission to save the dragon eggs Peggy and Michele trapped in cages, in which Sheila is needed to clear their path to prevent them from blindly running into rocks or mushrooms causing the bombs they are carrying to explode. When this happens, they utter the phrase, "OW… I went boom again."