“Whew, that's batter! Er, I mean BETTER!”

Batterson is a Molekin baker who resides in Darklight Crypt in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. In Skylanders: Giants, he has a brother called Hatterson, who sells hats.


When Batterson started selling pies to the Undead, they loved his pies and gave up eating the brains of the Living. It was a win-win situation, until the ghosts suddenly stopped buying pies for some reason.

Batterson explained the basics between the Real World and the Ghost World to the Skylanders and sent them to Darklight Crypt to find out why the Ghosts had stopped coming to buy pies as he was in danger of losing his pie shop to the bank. After the Skylanders defeated Occulous (the one responsible for the Ghosts not coming to buy the pies), Batterson made a fortune as the Ghosts returned to buy his pies. He then had an idea of using the Undead as employees to sell his pies throughout the Skylands to expand his business, making them available on other levels (in the Wii version).


  • Originally pies were supposed to appear for the PS3/360 and PC of Spyro's Adventure once unlocked but they do not appear in the game.
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