Bentley's Outpost is an ice realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Evening Lake homeworld after the player pays Moneybags 1,000 gems.

As the name implies, it is the home realm of the third playable side character of the game, Bentley the Yeti. Completion of this realm will unlock his sub-levels in Bamboo Terrace, Frozen Altars, and Crystal Islands.


While Bentley was locked up by the Sorceress, Rhynocs invaded the realm and drove his little brother Bartholomew out. Smash through the Rhynocs, bang gongs to create paths, and push large boxes aside to get Bartholomew back home.



  • The Gong Show (Brian): Found on the other side of the chasm after you use the gong to lower a large platform.
  • Snowball's Chance (Charlie): Found in the room after the large box that has to be pushed.
  • Help Bartholomew Home (Eric): Given to you by Bartholomew when you reach his house at the end of the realm.

Skill Point

  • Pushing the large box that blocks the entrance to home over the cliff results in a skill point.

Achievements & Trophies (Reignited Trilogy)

  • It's Totem Destruction: As Bentley, destroy all the totem poles.[1]
    • PS4: Bronze Trophy
    • Xbox One: 20G





Bentley's Outpost - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Bentley's Outpost

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Bentley's Outpost




Original Game

  • It is possible to just go straight up to the second gong, hit it, and create the path without using snowballs, although it requires skilful jumping onto the ledge it is on.
  • One of the dragons in this realm (Charlie) does Michael Jackson's Moonwalk once he hatches. This animation was also used for Scout when he is freed in Icy Peak.

Reignited Trilogy

  • Bartholomew now has a smart phone, and he seems to be addicted to it in this realm. He'll even pull it out to check his notifications while in mid-conversation.
  • If you continually smash the doors to Bartholomew's home, you can still hear his reaction to getting hit by Bentley's club.