“I warned you already. This place isn't safe for small dragons and... pussy cats!”

Bianca (ビアンカ Bianka in Japanese) is a female rabbit who first appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, serving under the Sorceress. She started off as the secondary antagonist, but became an ally after learning about what the Sorceress truly intends to do to the newborn dragons.


Bianca initially appears covered in her robe and hood, making her species hard to pinpoint. It's not until about 75% into the game until she is seen without her hood on, allowing players to see that she's actually a rabbit. She has cream fur, blue eyes, blonde bangs and purple eye shadow.

Her attire consists of a shoulder-less dress with light blue markings on the sleeves and an orange belt with matching boots. She also dons a purple cloak which conceals her whole body.


Though only a student in sorcery, Bianca is shown to possess some magical abilities, mostly in the form of transformation. Her powers are shown when she transforms a lowly Rhynoc into Buzz, and her creation of a large creature based on a rabbit in Midday Gardens. However, her ineptitude is also displayed when she attempts to attack Spyro, but can only create a butterfly. She requires the magic of 100 Dragon Eggs to open the door that leads to the Sorceress's Lair, implying that dragons affect her ability to use magic as well. Bianca also has the ability to teleport via a magical prismatic streak, and enabled Spyro to breathe more than one element, although the spell "doesn't exactly work right."

In Spyro: Season of Ice and Spyro 2: Season of Flame, she is able to open the portals after Spyro collects certain amount of fairies/fireflies. In Shadow Legacy, she mentions that she can sense whether or not people are telling the truth.



For years, Bianca served under the Sorceress as her apprentice, wanting to become a sorceress herself. As the years gone by, the young sorceress in training noticed that the magic in her home, the Forgotten Realms, was drying up.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

Bianca, along with a group of Rhynocs, were ordered by the Sorceress to steal the Dragon Eggs from the Dragon Realms in an attempt to restore back magic to their worlds. As soon as Bianca grabbed the last dragon egg, she accidentally woke up Hunter by stepping on his tail; his yowl of pain then awoke the other Dragons. They tried to stop the rabbit girl, but she managed to escape with the egg in tow. When Spyro came to the Forgotten Realms to retrieve the Dragon Eggs, Bianca appeared and threatened the purple dragon in an attempt to scare him back to the Dragon Realms. During a walk through the small woods, Bianca laughed at Hunter when he fell down, and attempted to act threatening towards him and the fearless Spyro. When that didn't work, she fired a spell at them, which successfully hit Hunter. An enraged Spyro then chased Bianca off with a blast of fire. When Spyro was making his way to Midday Gardens, Bianca was scolded by the Sorceress for failing to stop Spyro. She was then given a spellbook, and used some magic to transform a Rhynoc into Buzz to defeat Spyro.

Dragons Hunter Bianca

Bianca holding the last dragon egg as the dragons and Hunter awaken from their sleep

While she was practicing magic in Midday Gardens, Bianca was saved by Hunter from a giant rabbit monster she created. Later, in Evening Lake, Bianca attempted to warn Spyro of a trap the Sorceress had set for him and promised she would take care of the remaining dragon eggs. The Sorceress would later succeed in kidnapping Hunter and kept him as a prisoner, with Bianca providing the cheetah food and explaining why she and the Sorceress stole the dragon eggs. Bianca soon found out what the Sorceress would do with the Dragon Eggs to get power by using the wings of the newly hatched dragons to concoct a spell that will allow her to live forever. Upon hearing the Sorceress' plan, which included killing the baby dragons, Bianca was horrified and later helped Hunter escape before teaming with Spyro to defeat the Sorceress. Afterwards, it is revealed that Hunter and Bianca had fallen in love, kissing each other under a full moon at the Fireworks Factory (much to the distaste of Spyro and Sparx).

In the Super Bonus World, Bianca told Spyro that the Sorceress had treasure in that world and he is more than welcome to keep it (except he had to get it all back from some thieves). She also said that Hunter was so scared about Spyro battling the Sorceress, she wished the Dragons would one day come back, and that Hunter build this gadget that he wanted Spyro to see (when you see Hunter, he says that Bianca was the one who was so scared about Spyro facing the Sorceress). Once Spyro got all the gems from that world, he entered the last temple and discovered that the Sorceress was still alive. Bianca was surprised by this discovery and lent her flying-saucer to Spyro to help him defeat the Sorceress. After defeating the Sorceress for the second time, Bianca (in this game) stayed in the Super Bonus World.

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

When Ripto stole all the Dragonflies from the Dragon Realms in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, Bianca used her magic to allow Spyro to temporarily breathe more than one element, which was a helping factor in his second battle against Ripto.

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

At the end of the summer, Bianca sailed back to the Forgotten Realms to visit her cousins in Lost Fleet. Afterwards, she was trapped and imprisoned in the Shadow Realm until she was freed by Spyro. Bianca then went off on her own to confront the Sorcerer, but was later captured and held hostage by Red. Spyro defeated Red, and Bianca told him how to get to the Sorcerer's domain. After the Sorcerer's defeat, Bianca and the others prepared themselves for the Sorceror's next move.



When Bianca first encountered Spyro, she saw him as her enemy, since he was recovering the Dragon Eggs that she had stolen. At first, she tried to threaten him and scare him back to his own world, but Spyro remained unfazed. As Spyro continued to recover more eggs and defeat her monstrous creations, Bianca admitted that Spyro was better than she'd thought, but still tried to convince him to go home.

After the Sorceress revealed her true intentions to Bianca, she went to Spyro again, this time to help him. While it was not easy for Spyro to initially trust Bianca because of her previous actions, she did remain true to her word and helped Spyro to reach the Sorceress.

In Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, Spyro had much less interaction with Bianca than before, but it was primarily positive compared to their first encounter. Bianca helped Spyro reunite with Sparx after Ripto had separated them with a flawed magic spell, and she created a spell that allowed Spyro to breathe different elements to catch the dragonflies.

In Spyro: Shadow Legacy, Bianca and Spyro shared very positive reactions throughout the story, showing Bianca's full faith in him. Upon Bianca's capture by the Sorcerer and her imprisonment in Lost Fleet, Spyro rescued her and her cousins, but then she went off to find Red. After defeating him and learning the Banish spell, Spyro was given the coordinates to the Sorcerer's lair by Bianca, who wished him best of luck before the final battle.

Hunter the Cheetah

When Bianca first met Hunter properly in The Forgotten Realms, she tried to scare him and Spyro off in Sunrise Springs. She would later experience Hunter's kindness when he saved her from the Bunny Monster she accidentally created in Midday Gardens. When Hunter became imprisoned in Evening Lake, Bianca gave him food and explained her intentions of why she and the Sorceress brought the dragon eggs to the Forgotten Worlds, which were the dragons' former home. Although she seemed intrigued at Hunter's suggestion of convincing the dragons to come back if Bianca freed him, she refused.

Bianca would later free Hunter from his imprisonment after learning of the Sorceress' true motive and both set out to help Spyro. It is revealed sometime before and after Spyro faced the Sorceress that Hunter and Bianca fell in love, eventually becoming an item during the fireworks show at the Fireworks Factory.

The Sorceress

Before the events of Year of the Dragon, Bianca became a servant and student to the Sorceress at the hopes of learning to become a sorceress like her. However according to the Sorceress, Bianca's chances of becoming one are ever so slim. Despite the villain mistreating her, the rabbit continued to serve her mistress, even when she wanted Bianca to eliminate Spyro. At first, she believed the Sorceress's intentions for bringing he dragon eggs to the Forgotten Realms were so the realm would regain its lost magic. That all changed when Bianca learned that the Sorceress actually planned on killing the baby dragons to collect their wings and make a spell so she can become immortal. This horrified Bianca into deserting her mistress completely and became focused on helping Spyro reach the Sorceress so he can defeat her.




  • In the original game, the sound of Bianca's teleportation uses an altered version of the attack sound used for the Armored Druids.
  • Her species and color scheme make her look similar to Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  • Bianca was originally voiced by Pamela Hayden, who is best known for voicing Milhouse Van Houten, Bart Simpson's best friend in The Simpsons. Her Reignited Trilogy actress, Melissa Hutchison, is best known for voicing Clementine in Telltale's The Walking Dead series.
  • Bianca is one of the few antagonists in the series not to be directly fought, due to her deciding to leave the Sorceress' side. She shares this distinction with Moneybags.
  • In the original game, Bianca simply waved her hands to cast magic, whereas in the Reignited Trilogy, she owns a magic wand to cast her spells, except for the very first time we see her use a spell.
    • This is more in line with Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, the succeeding PlayStation-storyline game, in which she already has a wand.
  • Hunter mentions Bianca during a CTR TV interview for Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled in the Spyro & Friends Grand Prix.


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