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Blowhard (ハリケーン・ハット 3-4 Hurricane Hat 3-4 in Japanese) is the boss realm located in the Magic Crafters Homeworld.


First, kill all of the wizards patrolling the sides of the cliff. Be cautious, as they usually come in pairs. Soon, you will come face-to-face with the wind-creature Blowhard. Flame him as he swoops down.

A door will open, leading you into the mountain caves. They are filled with a variant of the druid that cannot be charged, so flame any of them blocking your path. They will interact with the platforms and move them either vertically or horizontally, so jump accordingly. Eventually, you will exit the cave and confront Blowhard again. Repeat the strategy, and he'll flee across the level to the snowy peak. Glide across and follow him to the mountain peak. Blowhard will attack extremely quickly at this point. Be fast when landing the third killing blow to avoid getting tagged by his lightning. The exit is located behind the peak.





Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 18 - Blowhard

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Blowhard (Realm)/Gallery


  • Prototype gameplay of the Wizards wearing special hats that grant them immunity

    In a rare case, in the room where Spyro frees Altair, if Spyro flames the back wall in the right spot at the right time, Spyro might be able to hit Blowhard and skip the second part of the battle.
  • This is the only realm where no boss information is given by the present dragon on how to defeat it, either because he does not know himself, or he forgot.
  • In early versions of the game, this realm is called "BOSS", and it uses Ice Cavern's music. Furthermore, in some versions, when attacking Blowhard, the camera follows him.
  • In the June 15th Prototype, there was a mechanic in the Blowhard realm that had all of the enemies wear wizard hats like Blowhard's that grant them protection against Spyro's attacks. The wizard hats have to be flamed off them in order to kill the enemies.[1]


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