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“Thanks for releasing me Spyro. You have no idea how long I've been trapped in crystal, and, er, neither do I. Who are you again?”
“Um, I'm outta here.”

Blowhard (ハリケーン・ハット 3-4 Hurricane Hat 3-4 in Japanese) is the boss realm located in Magic Crafters Homeworld.


A heavily-guarded mountain of rock is the habitat of the wind-creature Blowhard. slide in and out of the Mountain caves filled with wizards that stands on the side of the rear Mountain area.




Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 18 - Blowhard

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 18 - Blowhard

By ZephyGameGuides



  • In a rare case, in the room where Spyro frees Altair, if Spyro flames the back wall in the right spot at the right time, Spyro might be able to hit Blowhard and skip the second part of the battle.
  • This is the only realm where no boss information is given by the present dragon on how to defeat it.
  • Thumpback's Soul Gem is called Blowhard.
  • In the late demo, this realm is called "BOSS," has Ice Cavern's music, and lots of locations are dead-ends. Also, when attacking Blowhard, the camera follows him.