Bluto is a Rhynoc found in the Seashell Shore in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. He was a mini-boss that Spyro fought to get the dragon egg, Jackie. Bluto used a mechanical shark submarine to fight Spyro. When Spyro defeated him, Smelt the Seal said that it was the first time that Bluto had ever been defeated. However, not much is known about him apart from this.


At Bluto's battle Spyro is on a boat with a cannon. To hit Bluto you have to shoot him with the cannon on your boat while you dodge Bluto's shark submarine. Besides launching torpedoes out of the shark's mouth, he will also have it chomp repeatedly and chase after Spyro's speedboat for a short time. When low on torpedoes, he will have his shark submarine swim over to one of the ammo boxes and eat it. After a little bit, Bluto will come out of his submarine and when he does he can't attack, but when he's low on HP he can repair his sub giving him an extra HP. When he is defeated, his sub will blow up and you won't see him again.


  • Bluto is likely named after the character Bluto from Popeye.
  • Bluto's shark submarine bears a resemblance to the Robot Sharks, in Aquaria Towers, in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
    • The art for the Robot Shark trophy in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is also used as a trophy image for beating Bluto, possibly implying that Bluto’s submarine will have the same design as the Robot Sharks in the Reignited Trilogy.