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Bomb Shell is a minor villain who appears in the Skylanders Academy Netflix series.


Season 1

Bomb Shell made a small cameo in The Skylands Are Falling!, setting a bomb on Master Eon's bronze beard monument and successfully blowing it up, as Team Spyro was unaware of his presence.

Season 2

In Spyromania, Bomb Shell was revealed to be the culprit behind the theft of Master Eon's hover-podium. At first he stole the podium to visit the vacation spot on his bucket list but when Spyro gave him an idea unintentionally, the turtle decided to go along with the scheme of using the podium to plant bombs throughout the Skylands to blow it up all at once.

In It Techs Two, Bomb Shell and Fisticuffs took advantage of the malfunctioning portals to spread havoc throughout Skylands. They eventually teleported to Skylanders Academy where they attacked Team Spyro, with Bomb Shell accidentally being given a speed boost by one of Pop Fizz's potions. With the help of Spyro and Sprocket, the two villains were defeated.

Season 3

Bomb Shell was a suspect in the cause of the explosion at an island in the episode Sky Hard. Team Spyro visited Cloudcracker Prison to see if Bomb Shell was still imprisoned, and they discovered he was still incarcerated, making the turtle villain not the culprit.


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  • Bomb Shell is voiced by Chris Cox, who voices Glumshanks in the Skylanders video games.
  • Even though he makes bombs, Bomb Shells doesn't know how to defuse them.
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