“Bring the Boom!”
    —Boomer's official catchphrase

Boomer (ブーマー in Japanese) is a green, dynamite-wielding troll who is one of the playable Skylanders in the Skylanders series, first appearing in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is also the only troll to ever have the honor of being a Skylander.

Boomer also has a St. Patrick's Day counterpart called Boomer Lucky Boomer, who is exclusive in the game of Skylanders: Lost Islands and was available during March.



Blowing things up is Boomer's answer to pretty much everything. He is also known for his love of blowing stuff up; a trait that is shared by all the other Trolls in Skylands. However, unlike his brethren, Boomer isn't interested in war and conquest, turning his back on the troll lifestyle in the process. He is considered a little odd, such as enjoying every minute of falling down from a dangerous height towards the ground at a frightening pace, since the resulting crash will make a huge 'boom'.

Despite these troll characteristics, and being a pyromaniac, Boomer is kind and thoughtful, even considering himself as a sheep-lover (sort of).[1]


As a young troll, Boomer loved to blow things up—particularly sheep. Later, he was drafted into the troll army, where they gave him LOTS of things to blow up. However, Boomer soon realized the sole mission of the army was war and conquest. Even though he was a troll, these things didn't interest him. So he left the trolls after saving a town from being destroyed by them. Not long after, he was invited to be a Skylander—the only troll ever to win such an honor. Now he uses his explosive skills to fight evil... much to the relief of sheep everywhere.



As a young troll, Boomer liked nothing better than big bangs and blowing things up. His favorite target of all was sheep, which he loved to blast sky-high. So it was only natural that when he grew up he became an explosives expert in the troll army. But although the army delighted in Boomer's detonations, he soon felt something was wrong. The army actually seemed to take all this war seriously. So Boomer scamped merrily to find some sheep instead. The Troll General erupted with anger when he heard that Boomer was gone. He needed his demolitions expert to blow up a dam and flood the village below. But Boomer had overheard the General's plans and intended to intervene.

So, while his former squad mates destroyed the dam, Boomer began throwing sticks of dynamite at a nearby flock of sheep. The sheep hurtled through the air and into the oncoming torrent of water where their thick wool began to soak it all up. By the time the water reached the first village house, the deluge had become a dribble. When Master Eon heard that Boomer had rescued an entire village, he signed him up quick-smart. Now, Boomer's explosive skills are used only to terminate evil (and still occasionally sheep, although he'll deny it if you ask him).[2]

Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

Machine of Doom Illustration11

Boomer is confused to why Spyro had pushed him, unaware that he was saved from being crushed by Flynn's out of control hot air balloon.

Boomer was one of the Skylanders who attended Gill Grunt's concert on Eon's Island in celebration of their latest victory over the forces of darkness. Like most of the Skylanders, Boomer didn't like Gill Grunt's singing, so the troll used dynamite sticks as earplugs to mute out the singing. However, Flynn's hot air balloon appeared and was flying down out of control, soaring straight towards Boomer. Unaware of the danger due to his dynamite earplugs, Boomer was saved from the crash by Spyro, although not being able to hear anything due to the troll still having his earplugs on. While Spyro, Eruptor, and Gill Grunt went to investigate the happenings in the Mabu Market, Boomer was ordered by Master Eon to stay behind and help fix Flynn's hot air balloon.

He later joined the three Skylanders with Flynn on a quest to find the Chattering Key that was said to unlock a tomb that contains an ancient Arkeyan weapon that Kaos may be seeking. In the Forest of Fear, Boomer fell victim to the Fungus Rings of Despair, and the troll saw his worst fear come to life through hallucinations, being trapped in a doll's tea party (which is the greatest nightmare to any troll brought to life). He was soon freed by Spyro, and Boomer and the other Skylanders continued their way through the Forest. The Skylanders later found the Chattering Key that was being guarded by the statue of a stone wyvern named Fido and were able to collect it, thanks to a plan devised by Spyro. But Fido chased after them in hot pursuit, despite being slowed down by Boomer's dynamites and Gill Grunt's water cannon.

As the Skylanders were about to leave with the key, Kaos appeared and revealed that he had captured Flynn, and was willing to exchange the Mabu for the Chattering Key. Not wanting to sacrifice Flynn for the sake of their mission, the Skylanders surrendered the key to Kaos, who then used it to open a tomb that contained The Machine of Doom inside the Pyramid of Just Rewards; its pillar firing a beam of light at the advancing stone wyvern, destroying it. The evil Portal Master kept Flynn as a hostage to keep the Skylanders from following him and entered the tomb. With the help of the Chattering Key, the Skylanders entered the pyramid through the other side and reach The Machine of Doom, which Boomer really took a shine to by the amount of weaponry it had installed. Kaos soon arrived, and the Skylanders engaged the evil Portal Master's minions in combat while Boomer made his way to The Machine of Doom.

Despite Spyro's warnings, Boomer tried to pilot The Machine of Doom to use it against Kaos, unknowingly playing a part in the evil Portal Master's real scheme. Boomer lost control of the Machine as he tried to pilot the mech, which Kaos soon revealed that The Machine of Doom was really a trap designed by the Arkeyans to capture any who attempt to use The Machine of Doom to destroy the Core of Light. Eventually, as the Skylanders rescued Flynn and struggled to escape the pyramid with Kaos' transport portal, Boomer gained control over The Machine of Doom and stopped Kaos before he could escape. The troll then used the crumbling machine to get out of the collapsing pyramid with the Skylanders and Kaos in tow, resulting in The Machine of Doom breaking apart. Although Kaos escaped, Boomer soon celebrated with the Skylanders in their victory.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Seeing the Core of Light destroyed would have been as hard for Boomer as any Skylander yet. Yet the explosion that followed must have been the best thing this pyrotechnic troll had ever seen. It's a pity he was too busy being banished to have a camera ready![3]


Boomer can throw sticks of dynamite and bombs at his enemies. He can even slam the ground with his metal arms, creating a shockwave.


These are the starting and maximum statistics for this Skylander in the console version of the games.

  • Health: 230 (max. 460)
  • Speed: 35 (max. 83)
  • Armor: 18 (max. 48)
  • Critical Hit: 50 (max. 100)
  • Elemental Power: 25 (max. 100)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 70
  • Agility: 40
  • Defense: 50
  • Luck: 75

Powers and Upgrades

Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Oilspill Island

Dynamite Toss Troll Smash Troll Bomb Boot

Primary Ability
Hurl an explosive stick of troll-grade dynamite.


Secondary Ability
Smash the ground with such impact that enemies are knocked back from the furious shockwave of power.


Price: 4000
Troll Bombs can be kicked at enemies.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone.

Dynamite Fuse Fake-Out Bash Smash Troll Bomb Triple Bundle Dynamite

Price: 500
Dynamite does increased damage. Hold down your primary power button to delay the explosion.


Price: 700
Smash does increased damage and knocks enemies back further.


Price: 900
Place a Troll Bomb.


Price: 1200
Dynamite does even more increased damage.

Demolition Troll
This upgrade path lets you further develop your Dynamite and Troll Bomb attacks.

Bomblastic Troll Bombs Away An Accident Waiting to Happen

Price: 1700
Troll Bombs have bigger explosions and do increased damage.


Price: 2200
You can have six Troll Bombs active at once!


Price: 3000
Throw 3 extra sticks of dynamite at once.

Clobber Troll
This upgrade path lets you further develop your Smash attack.

Havoc Smash Stupification Megaton Charged Super Smash

Price: 1700
Smash does even more increased damage.


Price: 2200
Smash stuns enemies.


Price: 3000
Charge up the Smash attack, then release to do maximum damage.

Skylanders gain new abilities automatically based on their level.

Starting Powers

  • Dynamite Lob (Primary Attack): Toss a stick of dynamite.
  • Blast Radius (Secondary Attack): Blast the area around Boomer with explosives, damaging nearby enemies.


  • Unknown (requires level: 3): (Add description here)
  • Unknown (requires level: 6): Unknown
  • Unknown (requires level: 9): (Add description here)

Minigame Abilities
Skylanders get special abilities in minigames based on their element.

Sky Defense Castle Assault Ground Defense

Make the turret shoot like a machine gun.


Launch a projectile that explodes like a bomb.


Create a time bomb and leave it on the ground.


Battle Cries

  • "Bring the Boom!"
  • "Dynamite!"
  • "Boom!"
  • "Feel the boom!"
  • "You got blowed up!"
  • "Can't stop the boom!"
  • "Ba-ba-ba-boom boom boom!"
  • "Boom boom buh-boom!"
  • "Haha! Boom!"
  • "Blow it up!"
  • "Blastin' through!"
  • "Boom-ba-ba-boom woohoo!"
  • "Ba-boom!" - using a bounce pad
  • "Bam!" - using a bounce pad
  • "Woohoo!" - using a bounce pad
  • "Bringin' the boom!" - entering an elemental area
  • "One, two, boom!" - checking stats
  • "Big bang boom!" - leveling up/upgrade
  • "Yeah! Boomer likes it!" - leveling up/upgrade
  • "Is that good? I can't count!" - checking stats
  • "Badaboom!" - wearing a hat
  • "Nice! I'm a little less ugly." - wearing a hat
  • "Is that how you spell 'Boomer'?" - given a nickname
  • "That name is dynamite!" - given a nickname

Commercial Quotes

  • "I couldn't hear ya, because it got BLOWED UP!"
  • "Ah he's so money!" - Trigger Happy TV spot
  • "He smashes, she slashes." - Stump Smash and Stealth Elf TV spot
  • "That's one angry log!" - Tag Team TV spot

Character Trailers

Character Development

  • Boomer's original design: Bomb Troll
  • From Boomer's original toy design to his current one

Boomer was originally called Bomb Troll, and at first was planned to be a grumpy old troll. That concept evolved quite a bit into what ultimately became Boomer. He went through at least five prototypes en route to his final and decidedly un-grumpy personality.[4]


Dynamite and destruction is what Bomb Troll is all about. Thanks to his love of explosions, the Bomb Troll has been rejected from the Troll Kingdom and now roams the islands, laying destruction in his path.[4]

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  • Boomer is known for his trademark quote from the Skylanders "Blow It Up" commercial: "I couldn't hear ya, because it got BLOWED UP!"
  • Boomer slightly resembles the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien character, Jury Rigg.
  • He also resembles Muppets Dr. Teeth and Crazy Harry.
  • The Sooner Schooner horse, Boomer, shares the same name.
  • He's the only troll with auto-mail arms and boots; the latter items are a health and safety equipment in case Boomer steps on one of his own bombs.
  • Boomer was originally called Bomb Troll.[4]
  • Boomer is one of the three Skylanders to have "boom" in his name (the other two are Sonic Boom and Shroomboom).
  • In the Spyro's Adventure commercials and Giants, Boomer sounds like Terrafin who is also a Skylander.
  • Sheep tend to like Boomer and go close to him (except on the Xbox 360 version of Spyro's Adventure). This may be because he stopped blowing them up.


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