Boyzitbig is an unstable volcano located on the island of Munitions Forge, which was turned into an armory and mining camp for Cynder's forces in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. Its name is a play on the phrase, "Boy is it big", and it is the native habitat for the Manweersmalls, who were captured and forced to work in the mines by the Apes.

In the center of the volcano, Terrador was held prisoner until Spyro rescued him after defeating Cynder's forces, helping the Manweersmalls, and destroying the Conductor's train, Steam. Boyzitbig then erupts, and during that time, Spyro was being chased down by Cynder out of the Volcano, and afterwards escaped with Terrador when Ignitus intervened to save Spyro, but was captured by Cynder.

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