Breeze Harbor (spelt as Breeze Harbour in the PAL version) (フロートポート; Float Port) is a realm found in Autumn Plains. It is the Homeworld of the Breezebuilders, a race of birds who are at war with the Land Blubber slugs from Zephyr (possibly based on the relationship between real life birds and bugs).



The Land Blubbers are taking over the Harbor by extinguishing all the fires so that the mechanics will not work. The Breezebuilders want to do a counterattack on Zephyr, so they will need their ship to fly. Beaky instructs Spyro to light the boilers, so he can make his way to their ship.


Mine blast

The Land Blubbers have put floating landmines all over the harbor. Use the various cannons around the harbor to shoot them down. Destroy them all and a Breeze Builder named Gobble will give you an Orb that he found in a clam. (Difficulty: ★★★★☆)

Gear grab

The Land Blubbers have hidden Fisher's gears all over a track. Use the trolley to get back all 50 gears without crashing. Use the trolley's cannon to shoot the direction signs that keep you away from dead-ends. Get them all and Fisher will give you an Orb. (Difficulty: ★★★★★)


Opening Scene

A Breezebuilder is shown holding a stick with a flame on it. He lights up the boiler under a machine he is standing next to. Unknowingly, a Bucket Land Blubber looks at the fire. The Breezebuilder then blows out the fire on his stick, having no more use for it. The Land Blubber then spits water at the fire under the boiler, shutting the machine down, which surprises the Breezebuilder. The Land Blubber laughs at him, before hiding in his bucket. The Breezebuilder, upset and annoyed, picks up the bucket. The Land Blubber pokes its head out, and then spits water at the Breezebuilder, making him drop the Land Blubber, who hops away in his bucket.

Closing Scene

Three Firegrub Land Blubbers are seen standing on a platform. One of them looks shocked, and is suddenly knocked off the platform with a Bucket Land Blubber. A cannon is shown with two Breezebuilders, putting another Land Blubber at the end of it. One of them gets on the cannon, and points it at the two Firegrub Land Blubbers. The two Land Blubbers point back to one another, not wanting to get hit. The Breezebuilder fires the cannon with the Bucket Land Blubber in it, and one of the Firegrub Land Blubbers is knocked off the platform, again.


Spyro Ripto's Rage Breeze Harbor Intro and Extro

Spyro Ripto's Rage Breeze Harbor Intro and Extro





There is a glitch that on the stairs leading to the pool, on the stair where the water is the shallowest but still there, charging into the stair and the wall will eventually cause Spyro to swim around in midair, which is essentially an easier version of flying

You can access the track where you get gears. Near where the pool is, there is an unreachable area that you can access by double jumping and double jumping again in the direction of the track and you acceded the track where you can collect the gears and if you enter the kart you can ride it the time you want, and if you crash with something the gears will respawn.


Breeze Harbor - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 14 - Breeze Harbor

Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 14 - Breeze Harbor



  • Breeze Harbor is paired with Zephyr. An early name for the realm, found in the code for the demo, was "Zephyr Harbor," and Zephyr was to be called "Zephyr Meadows."
  • The soundtrack used for this stage is similar to the one used in Beast Makers.
  • The Gear Grab mission is considered by many fans to be one of (if not, the) hardest portions in any Spyro game.
  • The line, "Trouble with the trolley, eh?", spoken after the player fails the Gear Grab task, has become somewhat of a gag among the fanbase and a part of internet culture.