The Breezebuilder Parrots are Breezebuilders who appear as enemies in Zephyr, a realm in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. These Breezebuilders throw TNT barrels at Spyro, and will continuously keep throwing them at him, until Spyro defeats them with a flame attack.

In the beginning cutscene in Zephyr (Original version), a Breezebuilder Parrot sneaks up behind a Land Blubber ally and throws a bomb down his throat. The bomb explodes inside the Land Blubber's stomach and he coughs out the smoke.

In the Reignited version of this cutscene, the Parrot smugly wiggles his eyebrows at the Land Blubber before simply grabbing his helmet to place the bomb on his head before covering it with the helmet again. The Land Blubber groans at his inevitable fate and the scene irises out before the bomb explodes.

In the ending cutscene, a Land Blubber places some bird seed on the ground, which attracts a Breezebuilder Parrot from the sky. As the parrot lands and begins enjoying the seeds, he gets blasted in the face with a cannon.



  • The Breezebuilder Parrots act as the spiritual successors of the TNT Wranglers from Spyro the Dragon.