This article is about the character from original Spyro the Dragon game. You may be looking for the character from Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
“Gnasty Gnorc is turning our swamp into an electrified junkheap! And it used to be so beautiful!”

Bruno (ブルノ=ビノマール in Japanese) is a dragon who is the leader of the Beast Maker dragons in Spyro the Dragon. After Spyro frees him, Bruno tells the young dragon about what happened to the world of Beast Makers when Gnasty Gnorc froze all of the dragons.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, he has a tooth-necklace, and big brown hat and wields a wooden staff. Plus he seems to be blue with purple wings now, while in the original he is dark grey with brown wings.



  • In the original game, Bruno shares the same character model as Zeke.
  • After being released in the original version, Bruno gets mad then dreamily talks of his home once being beautiful. In the Reignited version, he is already agitated at the sight of the swamp turning into a junk heap then expressed sadly when talking of his home.