Butler was a robot created by the Professor in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. He was one of the Professor's inventions that malfunctioned.


During a demonstration to Spyro, Butler went out of control and began attacking, and in order to stop him, Spyro lured him into an electrical conduit. Doing this however shorted out another of the Professor's machines and let Ripto escape into the lab.

During Spyro's quest to stop Ripto from taking over the Dragon Realms, Butler made a couple more appearances, still malfunctioning. Bursting out of the hidden Thieves' Guild, Spyro had to lure him under some nearby storm clouds to temporarily stop him again. Later on, he appeared in Ripto's Throne Room and became instrumental in defeating Ripto. Hugging Ripto allowed Spyro the time to make use of the Warp Device he was then teleported away with Ripto and has not been seen since.

In the game credits, it was revealed that Butler was looking after Ripto as if he was a baby, much to the villain's great chargin.


The only way Butler can be defeated is by making him chase Spyro and run into any electrical element that will override his circuits.