Buzz is a Rhynoc minion of the Sorceress who was transformed into a bunny, then a giant toad-like creature with bunny ears, and finally into a giant toad-like creature without bunny ears by Bianca in order to fight Spyro.


Buzz's past is unknown, but following his transformation, he was sent to a dungeon near the Sunrise Spring realm to ambush and destroy Spyro, who was traveling by balloon to Midday Gardens. Luckily, Sheila the Kangaroo arrived to help Spyro after hearing about the ambush and assisted her purple dragon friend in defeating Buzz.  Upon Buzz's defeat, he releases a Dragon Egg and Spyro was able to move on to the next homeworld.

Toads that resemble Buzz's toad form also come out of eggs in the battle against Scorch.


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Buzz has three phases. The first one is just where he jumps to an area next to him. The second is a fire ring erupting, and the third is where he spits fire out.

A simple strategy to shorten the battle is to run just ahead of Sheila around the outer ring of the arena after Buzz jumps out of the lava. He will bump into Sheila and stop spinning, allowing Spyro to turn around and knock him straight back into the lava again.



  • There's an infamous moment known as "Sheila's Betrayal." Apparently, the player might accidentally charge into Sheila while trying to escape Buzz's "Buzz-saw" move and ends up getting run over, though this is a rare occurrence.
  • As Buzz sinks to his demise in the original game, he's seen begging for mercy. If this was intentional, this is one of the darkest Spyro moments to have ever existed.
    • This wasn't included in the Reignited Trilogy.
  • Buzz is one of two bosses to reappear in the game, the other one being the Sorceress.
  • If the player does not move at all, Buzz will simply look left and right, and will not attack Spyro.
    • However, Buzz is also one of few bosses who will eventually attack Spyro, regardless of whether he stands idle or not (granted that they have the Greatest Hits version).
    • Also counting is that, when Buzz looks left, his eyes get big and he has a big grin, and when he looks right, he squints his eyes and smiles more subtly, he shares this animation with many other characters.
    • He also appears when Spyro fights Scorch when the monster uses Buzz as a last-resort attack.
  • Even though Spyro is the playable character in the fight, it could be said that he in fact came to help Sheila the Kangaroo, given that Spyro does not actually hurt Buzz, Sheila being the one that actually drains Buzz's life.
    • This is the only occurence in the Spyro series in which this happens.
  • When Buzz hits Spyro with one of his flame attacks he will laugh, which sounds similar to that of the Fire Wizards from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
  • In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the trophy image for defeating Buzz makes him look more like a toad with his head more proportioned with the rest of his body.