Byrd Barracks is an area in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. It is inhabited by penguins who worked with Sgt. James Byrd. Spyro can be access the realm from Dragon Shores - Dragon Coast Region. Upon entering the level, it's required that the Super Ice Breath and upgraded wind breath is attained in order to navigate the region. It's occupied with freezable shallow waters and walrus which are used to create platforms to get further into the level. A Sgt. Byrd Recuse Mission is also available here.


The region is an ice and snowy realm similarly to Yeti Serengeti. However, unlike the former level, it's consists of shallow waters which uses the Super Ice Breath to create bridges to get from island to island. This is most notable from entering the H.Q Perimeter. Also, before getting to that region, you are instructed by an fellow penguin solider who to use the Ice Breath to create ice bridges. The region is full of watchtowers and walrus which inhabit it's waters which can be frozen to create temporary platforms. Spyro can his wind breath to steer the platform in a general direction, but they can be broken if he crashes into an iceberg or waits on the platform for too long.

The second region, Camp Headquarters is consist of many small islands which are scattered across the map. The section has many watchtowers and boxes containing used bombs implanted into the snow. The most notable feature of the level, is the huge and presumably dead fish which is used as platform to reach Capt. Beak. The fellow captain which grants you the quest to collect all of Sgt Byrd's medals. Also, it's one of two levels which contains a flight mission, the second level being Cheetah Spot Spa


Item Sparx description
Snow Lilly According to Bianca, this flower is very rare! We're lucky to have found it! It was growing in the Byrd Barracks. We gave this to Bianca in return for the Heart of the Rabbit Habitat.
Super Breath Mint This breath mint defines cool and refreshing! Private Flap gave this to use for helping him across the water in Byrd Barracks. This gives you Super Ice Breath ability, Spyro! Use SELECT to switch to it. Hold the B Button to charge it up, then release it for an icy blast!
Heart of Byrd Barracks This is a gleaming, silver-green army helmet! it's too small to wear, though, even for a penguin! Captain Beek gave this to use in Byrd Barracks after we found all Sgt. Byrd's missing medals. We gave this to the Professor so he could seal the warp hole.
Totally Retro Uniform This military outfit looks great! Everyone looks better in a uniform, don't you think? Lieutenant Peck demanded we take this after we rescued his men in the Byrd Barracks. We gave this to Hunter in return for the Heart of the Cheetah Spot Spa.
Eye-Spy Binding Scanner I guess this device is used to scan book titles for organizing them! We found it in Moneybags' vault in the Byrd Barracks. We gave this to the Fairy Librarian in return for the Heart of the Fairy Library.
Sgt. Byrd Action Figure This small toy us a Sgt. Byrd action figure! He looks very heroic! Major Feather gave this to us for clearing all of the Rhynocs out of the valley in the Byrd Barracks. We gave this to the dragon elder in return for the Heart of Dragon Shores.
Half of the Red Chest Key This is one half of what appears to be some kind of chest key. I got this from Sgt. Byrd after helping him rescue soldiers in the Byrd Barracks. We have both halves of this key, so we can open red chests now!
Lucky Climbing Hat This large hat doesn't seem to have any practical use for climbing! We found it inside a red chest in the Byrd Barracks. We gave this to Bentley in return for the Heart of the Yeti Serengeti.



  • The level's name is a pun on Sgt. Byrd's name.
  • It's the only level which makes most use of the Super Ice Breath ability. After that, it's used very sparingly and only to create bridges to other realms.
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