This article is about the location found in the Skylanders Academy canon. You may be looking for the area found in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

The Cadaverous Crypts are a location in the Skylanders Academy television series. They are a dreary Undead location where the Dragon King Malefor cruelly reigns over his slaves.


Season 2

The location was revealed as Cynder's homeland in Return to Cynder, when she runs away from Skylanders Academy believing she can never become a Skylander. When Team Spyro follows her to attempt to reason with the dragon, Malefor notices Cynder and approaches to invite her over to Taco Night, before noticing the Skylander team behind her.


  • Despite the pluralization of the location's title from its ingame name, no crypts are actually seen as of Season 2.
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