This article is about the cat version. You may be looking for the version in Colossus.

Spyro vs. The Rhynoc in the Championship Match

Cat Hockey is a sport played by the locals of Frozen Altars in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The objective of the game is to score 5 goals before the opposing team. A goal is scored by freezing the numerous cats on the rink, and pushing them into the player's goal. During Year of the Dragon, Spyro earned a dragon egg by taking the place of an injured penguin (a local of Frozen Altars), and defeating a Rhynoc in the championship match.

Moneybags sold Spyro the last ticket to open the portal, saying that the game was sold out, despite this, nobody was at the game, suggesting that Moneybags sold a fake ticket, or perhaps no ticket at all and was simply opening the gate.

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