The Catacombs is the first area in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. There is a possibility that this place was once the Well of Souls, which had collapsed at the end of The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night or that it is underneath the mountain.


Spyro and Cynder awakened within the Catacombs after being captured and shackled by the Grublins with a snake chain. They were going to be sacrificed to the Golem under Malefor's orders, but apparently woke up too soon. The Grublins fought both Spyro and Cynder to stall time for the Golem to come, until the Golem itself arrived and began its attack. After attempting to attack the Golem, Spyro and Cynder realized that they couldn't fight it while they were tethered together by the chains around their necks. Luckily, Hunter saved the two dragons by shooting the Golem in the eye with his arrow.

A few moments later, Hunter introduced himself to Spyro and Cynder and soon instructed them to follow him, as he could hear the Golem getting closer. Spyro and Cynder trailed after Hunter, but were attacked by the Golem once more who smashed them through the wall and onto the other side. The group continued to follow Hunter to another part of the Catacombs called Waterfall Cave. Spyro pointed out that he could see a light shining from the cracked ceiling of the Cave, indicating that they were close to the surface. However, the Golem attacked them once more. When Spyro and Cynder reach the top of the waterfall, the Golem tried to punch them into the wall but Spyro and Cynder quickly evaded it. The Golem's left arm became lodged into the wall and was washed over by the waterfall, and in a desperate attempt, it delibrately broke its arm off to free itself before retreating into the chasm from whence it came.

The group then advanced to the last part of The Catacombs. Spyro and Cynder lowered a horn, which was part of the locking mechanism of the gate that lead out of the Catacombs. Cynder used her Wind breath to activate the horn, but was grabbed by the Golem when attempting to jump out of its reach. Spyro pulled her out of the Golem's grasp using the snake chain that tethered them together, and they escaped through the gate where they journeyed onwards to Twilight Falls.



  • The Catacombs shares music with one of the levels from The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning: the theme from Cynder's lair, heard during normal gameplay in the level, and the battle theme from that same level, heard when confronting the Golem. The track Black Powers, found in the last part of Gaul's boss fight in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night, is heard at the very beginning of the level, just after Spyro and Cynder awaken from their three-year slumber and find themselves forced to fight the Grublins.
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