The Celestial Caves is where Spyro goes through to get to the Chronicler. It is located on the White Isle, and appears in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night and briefly in a cutscene after the credits of The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


Home to the Chronicler, this remote set of caves is protected by a series of trials so that only those why are worthy may enter. The exterior is desolate and the path inside is mysterious. Among the only plants growing here is a species of strange dark-colored grasses found no where else, with little to no wildlife. It is also crawling with bones of dead creatures, and small stone soldiers. But those who have ventured to the very heart of the Chronicler's lair describe a library with more books than any other. The entire history of the Dragon Realms is contained in this library as well as prophecies of what is to come.


Before Spyro could meet the Chronicler, he had to pass the trials and even face an elemental embodiment of Cynder from when she was under the Dark Master's control. Once Spyro defeated it, he encountered the Chronicler and from him, learned about Cynder's past as well as the history of the Dark Master. The Chronicler asked Spyro to stay with him in safety and ride out the storm that is coming, but Spyro refused, opting to save Cynder and was then shown the way to the Mountain of Malefor.



  • The Celestial Caves are replaced by the Temple Sanctum in the GBA version, as the temple covers the entire island with little wear and tear, while most of it is in ruins in the console version.