Spyro charge2

Spyro charging

“Metal armor is fire-proof, but a charge attack will take care of them.”

Charging is one of Spyro's two main attacks throughout the Spyro series, the other being Flame. Charging with Spyro's horns is used to defeat enemies or disarm foes who are wielding metal shields or armor that are invulnerable to fire. In addition, the metal vases and other similar metal containers containing gems can only be destroyed by having Spyro charge into them.

There is a Supercharge powerup which allows Spyro to charge at extreme speeds. This much stronger charge can destroy things the normal charge can't like very strong cases containing gems and doors. In Speedways, Spyro already has this supercharge to use against ground enemies.

The Legend of Spyro series

Spyro retains his charging attack in two of the three games of The Legend of Spyro series: The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, and The Eternal Night.

Skylanders series

In Skylanders, Spyro's secondary attack is Charge, which is based on original Spyro's charging attack. One of the upgrade paths for Spyro, Blitz Spyro, allows the players to further develop Spyro's charging attacks.

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