Charmed Ridge is a magical realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Evening Lake homeworld after collecting 58 Dragon Eggs. The realm is a magic kingdom home to Princess Ami and her people, the fairies. When Spyro arrived, it was under attack by the Cat Wizards of Felinia (with the mysterious and unmentioned aid of the Rhynocs) led by Prince Azrael, who wants to make the fairy princess his bride. So Liz, one of the inhabitants of Charmed Ridge, pleads for Spyro's help in stopping the invasion, and entering the Royal Castle to help her rescue their princess before it's too late.

Spyro defeated the Cat Wizards, but he discovered that Ami was really in love with Azrael, and gave the dragon an egg if he promised not to tell the other fairies that they'd eloped, nor about their romance.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Byrd's girlfriend Isabelle is an another inhabitant of Charmed Ridge, and during the invasion, they were supposed to meet up within the Fairy Temple for a date, which was ruined by the crafty Cat Witches. Fortunately, Sgt. Byrd was able to stop their meddling by defeating them, and they resumed their date.



  • Rescue the Fairy Princess (Sakura): Follow Liz to reach Princess Ami and Prince Azrael.
  • Egg in the Cave (Benjamin): After paying Moneybags to activate the steps, there is a cave near a group of Spear Rhynocs. Glide to the entrance and the egg will be there.
  • Glide to the Tower (Moe): The easiest way to get this egg is to first climb the ladder next to the superflame power-up, glide to the tower that a Cat Wizard stands on to control a chess piece-like tower, then glide to the wall left of the tower, and then finally gliding to the tower on the other side. It is possible to simply go to the ladder at the end of the cave and jump onto the tower there, but it requires skillful jumping.
  • Cat Witch Chaos (Abby): In Sgt. Byrd's sub-level, defeat the Cat Witches and Isabelle will give you an egg as a gift.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk I (Shelley): In this sub-level, Jack is attempting to reach the top of a tower which legend says has a golden goose. In order to help his quest, he buys some magic beans from Moneybags, but can't get them to work. He asks Spyro to help him. Figure out the puzzle and reach the halfway point to get this egg.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk II (Chuck): In the same sub-level, figure out the rest of the puzzle and reach the golden goose at the top of the tower. Jack will then give you another egg.

Skill Points

Shoot the Temple Windows

  • In Sgt. Byrd's sub-level, shoot all four windows in the Fairy Temple to get a skill point. This is a good way to heal Sparx if his health is low, as losing a life here will result in doing the whole challenge over again.
  • In the Reignited Trilogy, Sparx will no longer heal from any skill point the player receives. However, a frog fodder was added near Isabelle to remedy this.

The Impossible Tower

  • There is a tower across from Moe's egg that looks pretty hard to reach. To get to it, jump on the tallest edge of the tower which has the egg, then charge-jump and glide to the other tower. Make sure to hover at the end. Landing on it successfully will earn you a skill point.

Achievement & Trophy (Reignited Trilogy)

The Harder They Fall

  • Defeat a giant.[1]
    • PS4: Bronze Trophy
    • XBOX One: 20G





Charmed Ridge (Part 1) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon Charmed Ridge (Part 2) - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
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  • The design of this realm is similar to Alpine Ridge from Spyro the Dragon. At one point, there is a Cat Wizard controlling a tower that is shaped like a chess piece, which he will use to squash Spyro if possible. There is also a staircase that has been flattened by the Cat Wizards, and paying Moneybags will make them climbable. However, the Cat Wizards will alternate between climbable and flat, just like the Green Druids in Alpine Ridge. The skybox in the original game, however, is based off Town Square.
    • The Cat Wizards can also make the Rhynoc enemies bigger, similar to the Dream Weavers homeworld and Dark Passage. The only difference is that the Rhynocs just get bigger and don't become demonic versions of their smaller selves.
    • Insomniac developers later stated that this realm was, indeed, a throwback to the first game in the series.
  • Charmed Ridge is one of the only realms in the game where its inhabitants are harassed by a different species of enemies (the Cat Wizards, in this case). Although the Rhynocs are the primary enemies throughout the game, their contribution to the invasion is not mentioned, but they still appear in the realm anyways.
    • In what way they are involved with the Cat Wizards is unknown, but it may be possible that an alliance formed between them, because the wizards are also seen aiding some of the Rhynocs via their magic by increasing the Rhynocs' size.
  • This is one of two realms in the game to contain a Question Mark Jar. The other is Bamboo Terrace.
  • It's possible that Zoe is related to some of the fairies here, but this is unconfirmed.
  • If one looks closely at the frogs in the level, they are wearing tiny crowns.

Original Game

  • If one goes to the drawbridge near where a Cat Wizard is creating tumbling rocks after completing and returning to the realm, they can see one of the fairies enter the castle, and then disappear. This is likely an oversight.
  • It is possible to fully complete the realm without paying Moneybags by charge-jumping onto the back of a tower, then glide over to where you obtain the egg containing Moe. From there, you can just simply enter the cave nearby. Watch this video for more info.

Reignited Trilogy

  • The sub-level with Jack can be seen tucked away in the mountaintops at the beginning of the main realm. If the player has already planted mushrooms there, they can be seen as well.


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