“Do you have such little respect for our laws, that you formed an alliance with the very ones who caused all of our misfortunes?”
    —Chief Prowlus

Chief Prowlus is the clan chief of the Cheetah Village in the Valley of Avalar, appearing in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


Chief Prowlus is very distrustful of Dragons, or anything outside the valley for that matter. He blames the dragons for the misfortunes that happened upon his clan thanks to Malefor, and Cynder when she was under the former's control. He is strict, strong and very leery, wanting his village to be safe from the outside world and the villagers to follow the laws placed to protect it. Prowlus also seems to have an intense rivalry with Hunter, who went against his village laws to join the Dragons to fight Malefor. Despite this, he is willing to admit his wrongdoing, as shown when Chief Prowlus apologizes to Hunter for imprisoning him and to Meadow for not choosing to help him right away.


After Hunter took Spyro and Cynder to safety in Twilight Falls, he, Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx were captured by the cheetahs and taken to the Cheetah Village. There, Hunter was scolded by Chief Prowlus, who blamed the Dragons for causing his clan's misfortunes and accused Hunter for bringing the dangers of the outside world with him. However Hunter defended his actions by reminding Prowlus that Spyro was the last hope of saving the world from Malefor, and that the dangers were already around them. When the village came under attack by Grublins, Chief Prowlus reluctantly released Spyro and Cynder to let them help fight the Grublins off, but afterwards refused to allow Hunter to go with Spyro and Cynder when they volunteered to find the missing member of the village, Meadow. After Spyro and Cynder recovered Meadow, Prowlus apologized to Meadow and Hunter for his actions. He then offered Hunter the use of the Forbidden Tunnel to reach Warfang, and in return, Hunter offered an invitation to Chief Prowlus that he was welcome to join them at any time.

During the siege of Warfang, Chief Prowlus led his tribe into battle against Malefor's army outside the city walls. It is unknown whether he survived and if he and Hunter ever resolved their differences.



  • Both Chief Prowlus, and Kasi from Spyro: Shadow Legacy, are cheetahs who share similarities in blaming Spyro, who is a purple dragon, for causing troubles to their tribe. Kasi, being the temporary leader of the cheetahs at the time in the Savannah, threw Spyro in jail for supposedly bringing the Shadow Realm to their home, and puts Hunter behind bars as well for defending his purple pal. This plot is very identical to the part when Prowlus puts Spyro in chains for bringing misfortunes to his clan, and tied up Hunter of Avalar for siding with the dragons.
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