“Beware those pearly whites.”
    —Game description

Chompies are one of the most common monsters in Skylands, first appearing in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. They are small, green creatures that bark and yelp like dogs, attack by biting their prey, but they aren't very bright. They are usually spawned by Chompy Pods, and by destroying the Pods, the Chompies will stop spawning.

In addition to being green, Chompies are also purple, black, blue, and red. A subspecies of Chompy are also made of bones. The rarest Chompy is the Purple Chompy that is only in Drobot's Heroic Challenge. Surprisingly, it is noted by Cali that they are not as bad as their green cousins, but despite that, Purple Chompies still attack the Skylanders.

Chompies played a role in Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters, when Kaos used his staff to mega-size a Chompy Pod, which spawned a pack of large, ferocious Chompies.



  • When a Chompy bites you, it's not because it wants to eat you. It's just showing how much it cares, apparently.[1]
  • In a Story Scroll called "The History of Flight", it is said that despite the Drow having claimed to have invented balloons, it was actually a Chompy who came up with the idea. The Chompie drank 200 flasks of fizzy juice and floated away, burping like mad.
    • According to another Story Scroll, Trolls play a game called BOOM with Chompies, where they make them fetch lit dynamite.
  • Chompies have a few similarities to the video game character, Pacman (minus the teeth, lack of arms, and stalky eyes).
  • As they have created Chompy Bot 9000s, it is possible that they have evolved in terms of intelligence, are good with machines (but dumb in other regards), or that certain species of Chompies are more intelligent.
    In Wilikin Village, the Chompies there know how to switch between worlds.


  1. Skylanders Official Annual 2013, page 42

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