“Way to man up, Gary. Saved by a bandicoot.”
    —Claire, Crash Landing

Claire is a recurring Mabu in the Skylanders Academy television series. Arguing or agreeing, she seems to be always accompanied by Gary. She can be identified by her pink dress and head bow.



The Mabu frequently calls Gary out on his mistakes harshly, despite knowing he will only argue more.


Season 1

Claire makes her first appearance in My Way or the Sky Way, walking around Uncle Merle's. She and Gary are hypnotized by Kaos' spinning arrow as he absentmindedly spins it with magic and are compelled by him to eat lizard gizzards, making him realize he can force another Mabu to do his bidding.

Both Garry and Claire appear briefly in Dream Girls attending Stealth Elf's SED talk.

In Anger Mismanagement, the Skylanders accidentally take Gary's several month old reservation at Uncle Merle's dinner service, causing him to yell at Claire.

In Crash Landing, after a ill-fated attempt at vacationing in the Falling Forest, Gary and Claire are captured by Greebles and nearly eaten, until they are saved by Crash Bandicoot. Despite their rescue, they continue on arguing as they leave without thanking the heroes.


  • Gary and Claire are seen in Skylanders Academy at various times in the show, but the purpose is unknown.
  • Her last name is Skylandersson.[1]


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