Cliff Town (クリフ タウン 2-2; Cliff Town) is a realm from the Peace Keepers Homeworld. It consists of a town with many houses for Spyro to jump on, built beside and into a dry, rocky cliff with a river running through. Across the river is a large, elevated, desert-like landmass that contains a huge colony of Vultures and the highest point in Cliff Town, as stated by Marco.


Cliff Town consists of a town surrounded by cliffs and a river of tar. Across the river is a large, elevated, desert landmass that contains a huge colony of vultures. According to Marco, the highest point in Cliff Town is also located there. Along the back of the realm, a twisting building has bridges that reach the top.

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

This area of Cliff Town consist of a cliff and a ground area with tunnels leading to another cliff with a wall separating it in two parts and a house on top where a family of armadillos live, and a river of water separating the it from a cliff that leads back to the main Dragon Realms.


There are three tunnels, two of them leads further down into the ground an has a lot of treasure buried down there, while the third one leads upwards to the cliff with the armadillos' house on top of it. The tunnels are inhabited by yetis and moths, while Shadow Minions lurk around in the Shadow Realm counterpart.


Spyro the Dragon



Spyro: Shadow Legacy




Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 9 - Cliff Town

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 9 - Cliff Town

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  • This world bears a striking resemblance to a world from the cult television show, ReBoot, from the episode The Episode With No Name. Even one of the dragons, Enzo, shares the name of one of the protagonists, Enzo Matrix.
  • One of the dragons, Marco, shares his name with Marco the Balloonist (from the Artisans Homeworld), as well as Marco the Lion in Sunny Villa.
  • Cliff Town is one of only four worlds in the series to keep its original name in the Japanese version, the other three being Dry Canyon, Wizard Peak, and Magma Cone.
  • If you are in the level long enough, you will hear the credits music.
    • The credits music will also play when you release a dragon in the level. This is due to the late demo using it as a placeholder.
  • A strikingly similar variation of this level's background is used in Idol Springs. Skelos Badlands also uses a similar variation.
  • In the Reignited Trilogy, this level along with High Caves, Alpine Ridge, Misty Bog & Gnasty Gnorc has the ”level spawn glitch” where spyro flies up out of shot before coming back down and landing instead of a backwards loop and landing.
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