Cloud Spires is a realm in Sunrise Spring in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. The rhynocs have shut down the Weather Imps' cloud generator, so they need Spyro to help them reactivate it and drive the rhynocs out. The portal has three spikes on it.



Cloud Spires is a bright realm with beautiful towers and buildings set against a dark sky with high cliffs in the background, surrounded by solid, white clouds. The residents are of a magical species called Weather Imps, small pink creatures dressed in blue robes, with small wings, flat tails, and hair similar in structure to their cloud generator.

Moneybags can be found by a bellows with no activation button, and he is willing activate it for Spyro, in exchange for 200 gems, of course.





  • Turn on the cloud generator (Henry): The main challenge of this world. Turn on the bellows around the world, then meet up with Fluffy, who will give you the egg.
  • Run along the wall (Stephanie): Near the second bellows (the one with Moneybags), there is a ledge with a Winged Rhynoc and an egg. Just defeat the rhynoc to obtain this egg.
  • Plant the sun seeds (LuLu): After meeting up with Fluffy, enter the challenge portal behind the spot where he was and you'll find yourself in a temple. According to Cumulus, the sun has died, but he can make a new one with a lava fusion pot and three sun seeds. To get this egg, guide the sun seeds into the pot of lava so that they can be fused into a sun.
  • Bell tower spirits (Jake): After getting the egg from Fluffy, another area is accessed via a whirlwind. In this area, you must help Stratus wake up a Rain Cloud by driving spirits out of bell towers using a Superfly Powerup. There are six towers, each containing a spirit.
  • Bell tower thief (Bryan): There is also a blue thief in the Bell Tower arena (though Stratus makes no comment about him). Chase him down and take back the egg.
  • Glide to the island (Clare): In the area with the second bellow, there is a small circle near a platform with an extra life. A whirlwind will activate once you have met up with Fluffy. This path contains several Rhynoc Pyradamas, three Flamespitters and possibly a Winged Rhynoc. At the end, there is an island containing an egg.


Cloud Spires - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - Cloud Spires Walkthrough (100%)

Spyro Year of the Dragon - Cloud Spires Walkthrough (100%)



  • Haunted Tomb shares its theme with Cloud Spires in every version except for the Greatest Hits version.
  • This level was originally called Cloud City.
  • This level is one of three main levels in the game that doesn't have a Sheila, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley or Agent 9 portal, the other two being Icy Peak and Lost Fleet.
  • The evil spirits in the Rain Cloud's chambers are identical in appearance to the evil spirits found in Colossus.
  • Four of the residents in Cloud Spires have the same names as cloud forms in real life, the sole exception being Fluffy.
  • If you manage to flame Fluffy just as he talks to you, a glitch will activate. Click on his page for more information.
  • If Nimbus is spoken to a second time, he will say, "You'd think the Sorceress would want more rain after what the sun has done to her skin." If Moneybags is spoken to after he is payed to activate the bellows, he will say, "Heh heh... I haven't made such easy money since the Sorceress bought that mayonaisse for sunscreen." This implies that Moneybags caused the Sorceress' skin problems Nimbus mentioned.
    • Additionally, in the text of his dialogue, the word "mayonnaise" is misspelled.
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