Coastal Ruins is the main hub world in Lost Cities, a realm that appeared in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is where the teleporting machine sends you after you have defeated Gnasty Gnorc. The realm is basically a large beach with coves, aquatic ruins, waterfalls, animals, caves, grassy hills, seashells and windmills, as well as campsites. The realm used to be an ancient city, but now it is a beautiful beach with possible ruins found in the water. It has a calypso-based tune which is quite noticeable, and also has a few Mediterranean elements added.

There is a secret area that you can visit. You need 20 Light Gems to unlock it. Sunken Ruins is accessible via a green circular left discovered after destroying a Dark Gem in the western area. Cloudy Domain is accessible via a mechanical circular left hidden in the grassy hills of the eastern area.


Egg Locations

  • Character Viewer: In a broken tower at the beach near Mother Turtle.
  • Turret: Complete Turtle Turmoil in Easy Mode.
  • Blink: Complete All Washed Up in Easy Mode
  • Blink: In a tunnel with two Gnorc Archers behind the Waterfall Walkway. You must smash the Dark Gem to reach it.
  • Turret: At the Lagoon in between the two tunnels with the swinging shells, where the cannon is.
  • Sgt Byrd: In a cave hidden on the far side of the Piranha lake, near the passage to Ineptune's Lair.
  • Concept: Catch the Thief. Requires 20 Light Gems

Dark Gem Locations

  • In front of the Waterfall Walkway.
  • On a broken ledge in the ruins at the beach near the Waterfall Walkway.
  • Between the two tunnels with the swinging shells, there is a Dark Gem along it, on a ledge in a Lagoon.
  • At the beach near Mother Turtle. You'll need to go through the tunnels with the swinging shells to reach it.

Light Gem Locations

  • Complete Turtle Turmoil in Hard Mode
  • Fill Otto's Pool
  • On a ledge in Otto's Pool
  • Complete All Washed Up in Hard Mode
  • In a broken tower at the beach near the Waterfall Walkway
  • On a tower near the Domain Doorstep. Use Pole Spin to reach it, but look out for the rotating fans.
  • Use the platforms that move with the Electric Breath to reach a hidden area near the Domain Doorstep. There is a Light Gem hidden there.
  • In a cave at the end of the secret area. Requires 20 Light Gems
  • Over the mill in the water at the beach. Requires Water Breath.


  • Blink: All Washed Up
  • Turret: Turtle Turmoil




  • One can get to the secret area quickly through a glitch. Which glitch is used is currently unknown.
  • On the other side of part of beaches in the realm, the water is poisonous and will attack him until he dies even though it is blue. This is discovered by crossing the net.
  • Below the water in the entrance to Ineptune's Lair, there is a trigger collision that will freeze Spyro if he goes above it.
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