Coco Bandicoot is the sister of Crash Bandicoot in the spin-off television series, Skylanders Academy.


In the Raiders of the Lost Arkus, Part 2 Season 3 finale, Coco Bandicoot accompanied her brother Crash to help the Skylanders fight against Kaos and his Conquertron to protect the Core of Light. It was her electromagnetic pulsar cannon that deactivated the Arkeyan Robots overpowering Crash and Team Spyro, and afterwards gave Pop Fizz an electro boomerang as a gift to use against Kaos. Following the battle, she and Crash returned to the Wumpa Islands.

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  • She is voiced by Tara Strong, who voiced Flashwing in the games.
    • Strong's portrayal of the character marks the first time in almost 20 years since Crash Team Racing in which a voice actress other than Debi Derryberry voiced her.
  • She is the first female guest character in the Skylanders franchise.
  • This version of Coco bears more of a resemblance to her Crash: Mind Over Mutant counterpart than her other incarnations in the Crash Bandicoot games.


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