The Colossus Yeti is a yeti who debuted in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.


Ripto's Rage!

The Yeti was causing disturbance for the monks that resided in the temples of Colossus. At one point, they tried to feed him a goat, but instead, he ate one of the monks. One of them, Ned, told Spyro to kill the yeti as a last resort. However, before the purple dragon could even start the battle, the Yeti went berserk and jumped so hard, that a statue slipped through the roof above the Yeti and crushed him flat.

Later on, it was revealed that the Yeti survived his fate in Colossus, but he was captured and used as a dunking victim at Dragon Shores. He also appeared in the Tunnel of Love, along with various other Avalari.

Year of the Dragon

About a year later, the Yeti escaped the tortures of being dunked into water by dragons and headed for the Forgotten Realms. When he arrived at the Frozen Altars, he stole a ball that belonged to another yeti named Bartholomew. Upset, the young yeti had his older brother Bentley (who was recently bailed out by Spyro) challenge him to a boxing match. Bentley won both matches, but still, Bartholomew did not get his ball back. He then remembered that he lent his ball to one of his friends.

Sidequest: Bentley's Boxing Match

You are to challenge the Yeti into a boxing match as Bentley. If you win the first time, you get an egg (Aly). A proper boxing match with three rounds begins, and if you win, another egg (Ricco) is your prize. Also, if you beat the yeti in the first or second round during the second match, you get a skill point.

Plugging in a second controller allows another player to play as the Yeti and fight against Bentley.

Boxing the Yeti - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro 3-Frozen Altars (Bentley, Request)

Spyro 3-Frozen Altars (Bentley, Request)


  • The Sasquatch Six all resemble this particular yeti, but it's unknown if he is one of them.
  • The yeti takes the least amount of shots to kill with 0.
  • In the Reignited Trilogy, once defeated the yeti releases a Spirit Particle. Plus his new design has white fur instead of grey, and his skin is more visible.