“You're a little late, fella; the crystal's already charged, and the volcano's ready to blow! But before it does, me and Steam are gonna take great pleasure in running you down!”
    —The Conductor

The Conductor is an Ape and the driver of Steam in The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning. Both serve as the boss in Munitions Forge. The Conductor may have been the head of Cynder's security there. He is one of the few Apes shown to talk.


The Conductor is a thin, gold-hairy ape with a brown belt, wearing a tall hat resembling a drum major hat. His chest, elbows and feet are a purple coloration.


The Conductor was introduced when Spyro and Sparx watched him and several apes board Steam to Terrador's cage. Pursued by them on a train cart through railroad tunnels, they fought until the purple dragon was knocked off the tracks.

The Conductor and Steam later confronted Spyro alone as he and Sparx reached Terrador, informing them they were too late to stop the crystal as Boyzitbig neared eruption. They fought again, resulting in Spyro destroying Steam and freeing Terrador.

What happened to the Conductor next is uncertain. He may have been killed by Steam's explosion, the eruption of Boyzitbig, or might have managed to escape the island.

International Voice Actors

  • Dutch = (unsure)
  • French = (unsure)
  • German = (unsure)
  • Italian = Riccardo Rovatti
  • Spanish = (unsure)
  • Russian = (unsure)

ADVICE: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon is the only Legend game to also have a Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian audio dubbing track. Therefore, since the Conductor does not appear in that game, he does not have those following language voices.

  • NOTE: Some of the voice actors are missing. Please fill in the correct voice actors for the correct language.


  • In the Italian version, the Conductor is called Il Macchinista, meaning The Machinist in their language. His voice was done by: Riccardo Rovatti, who also did Volteer, the Chronicler. and Mason's Italian voices.
  • His original English voice was done by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also voiced Terrador, Sniff, the Hermit, Chief Prowlus, and Gaul.
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