Crawdad Farm is the first Sparx Realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed in the Sunrise Spring homeworld after defeating Buzz.

It is the first level in the series where the player controls Spyro's friend and protector, Sparx the Dragonfly.


After defeating Buzz and returning to Sunrise Spring, Zoe tells Spyro that she found a dragon egg here, but due to the realm's small size, only Sparx is able to reach it. Once arriving in the realm, Zoe teaches Sparx how to fight enemies, control his movement, and use power-ups, before sending him off to retrieve the egg.

Sparx must fight his way through the realm by defeating hoards of crawdads and crabs, opening various paths, and confronting a crawdad king that has the egg.

After defeating the king, some of the dragon magic rubs off on Sparx, and he gains the ability to pick up more gems when they're further from Spyro.



  • Take Sparx to the Farm (Nora): Defeat the Crawdad King and you will receive this egg.





  • This level, along with the other Sparx Realms, shares its theme music with the title theme.
  • When explaining the health butterflies, Zoe refers to the other worlds as the Dragon Worlds.